A Radical Idea: Let’s RE-NORMALIZE Telling The Truth

It’s astounding what we’ve come to ‘accept’ every day — the bullshitting and prevaricating and parsing of words and flat out LYING for no reason other than it’s the first impulse — to LIE first then BURY the Truth later.

Yes, not being entirely forthright or forthcoming is second nature to politics.  Most people, in fact CAN handle the Truth — Once they get over the initial shock wave.

Telling the Truth is like a muscle we’ve stopped exercising.  But it’s still there — waiting to be worked out and pushed hard.  It’s not easy or fun telling the Truth.  Often it’s risky.  But the alternative is catastrophe.  Truth itself has come un-tethered — not because we can’t discern it — we absolutely CAN — but because we’ve gotten out of the habit of doing the work of recognizing it and reporting it.

Here’s the fix — We RE-NORMALIZE ‘Telling The Truth’

I’m down with it.  You?

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