Giving Liars The Benefit Of The Doubt Isn’t “Journalism”, It’s Just “Stupid”

This shouldn’t be rocket science (yet it is to our MSM): giving a liar the benefit of the doubt tells the liar his lies are working. 

For some reason – perhaps because their Normalization Blinders are bolted on too tightly again – our MSM persists in repeating Donald Trump’s words as if they COULD be true.  Do they figure that “just because” those words flowed from the bloated orange gob of the shit-gibbon currently occupying the White House that there’s the remote chance they could be true?  I guess that “could” be possible – but considering the Washington Post has counted over 12,000 lies so far – it makes giving a liar that obvious the benefit of the doubt look… the word “stupid” shoves its way to the front of the line like Donald Trump at a meeting of world leaders.

And yet, there are STILL “journalists” convinced that at any second Donald Trump will “pivot” and become “presidential”.

The ache for normalcy is that strong.

The problem is, giving known liars and criminals any benefit of any doubt 1) encourages them to keep doing what they’re doing and 2) it normalizes their lies, making it (as so many in the MSM still report “different” rather than, say corrupt or dishonest or lying. 

Asking “But, what if…” may seem like a fair and balanced question if not for the context. Context is everything.  “But what if the Big, Bad Wolf decides he’s not hungry enough to eat Red Riding Hood right this second, (having already chowed down on Grandma)?”

“But, what if Hitler only said he hated Jews?”

“But, what if Donald Trump isn’t a traitor?”

A Radical Idea: Let’s RE-NORMALIZE Telling The Truth

It’s astounding what we’ve come to ‘accept’ every day — the bullshitting and prevaricating and parsing of words and flat out LYING for no reason other than it’s the first impulse — to LIE first then BURY the Truth later.

Yes, not being entirely forthright or forthcoming is second nature to politics.  Most people, in fact CAN handle the Truth — Once they get over the initial shock wave.

Telling the Truth is like a muscle we’ve stopped exercising.  But it’s still there — waiting to be worked out and pushed hard.  It’s not easy or fun telling the Truth.  Often it’s risky.  But the alternative is catastrophe.  Truth itself has come un-tethered — not because we can’t discern it — we absolutely CAN — but because we’ve gotten out of the habit of doing the work of recognizing it and reporting it.

Here’s the fix — We RE-NORMALIZE ‘Telling The Truth’

I’m down with it.  You?