Hey, America — Here’s A Radical Idea: Let’s Tax The Ignorant

I hope like hell this isn’t a revelation: ignorance is blissful only for the ignorant.  Ignorance is expensive as hell for everyone else.

Ignorance is caused by lack of information.  Willful ignorance is a refusal to accept information that would cure the ignorance.  Stupidity, on the other hand, is just that — stupidity.  It’s deep-seated dopiness; dim-wittedness on steroids. 

There’s less hope for the stupid than the ignorant.  In theory, one can inform the ignorant.  The stupid… they’re too stupid to learn anything.  That’s a big part of their problem.  It’s why they’re stupid.  

Though many, many stupid people are ignorant, a stupid person can’t ever be willfully ignorant.  Stupid people — where their stupidity is concerned — have no choice about being stupid whereas willfully ignorant people… well, there’s the “willful” part — the deliberation.  Willful ignorance is a choice.  And — as ample evidence proves — ignorance (willful or otherwise) costs a bomb.  In money.  In lives.  In prestige.  In decency. 

Now, while I pity most stupid people (it’s not their fault they’re stupid), there is one group of the stupid who I despise.  They’re the people whose stupidity was caused by greed.

Greed – the data is pretty uniform on this – makes everyone stupid. 

While taxing the ignorant may seem cruel, it’s really the only way to motivate them to fix their problem.  And all they have to do to fix their problem?  Learn something.  Cure the ignorance with good information.

It’s a little like using light to ‘fix” a darkness problem.  And when you finally get the lights back on?  Bet the ranch you’ll find an ignorant person sitting there – unaware they didn’t have to sit in the dark.

End of the day? I bet the ignorant will thank us for, in effect, taxing the ignorance right out of them. Then we can set our sights on the stupid.

A Radical Idea: Let’s RE-NORMALIZE Telling The Truth

It’s astounding what we’ve come to ‘accept’ every day — the bullshitting and prevaricating and parsing of words and flat out LYING for no reason other than it’s the first impulse — to LIE first then BURY the Truth later.

Yes, not being entirely forthright or forthcoming is second nature to politics.  Most people, in fact CAN handle the Truth — Once they get over the initial shock wave.

Telling the Truth is like a muscle we’ve stopped exercising.  But it’s still there — waiting to be worked out and pushed hard.  It’s not easy or fun telling the Truth.  Often it’s risky.  But the alternative is catastrophe.  Truth itself has come un-tethered — not because we can’t discern it — we absolutely CAN — but because we’ve gotten out of the habit of doing the work of recognizing it and reporting it.

Here’s the fix — We RE-NORMALIZE ‘Telling The Truth’

I’m down with it.  You?