A L Katz: On Living Bullshit Free

Three days before Christmas 2016, bullshit tried to kill me. Since then, I’ve gotten healthy. My demons? All bullshit. The mess they nearly made of me? Bullshit, too. So, I drew a bead on bullshit starting with my own.  You have no idea how liberating it is to even try living bullshit free. The first shocker? How much personal bullshit we live with every damned day. It’s a great place to start trying to live bullshit-free.

Then there’s the world we live in.

A Few Things I Slapped Together…

I’ve written and produced iconic TV series (“Freddy’s Nightmares: The Nightmare On Elm Street TV Series”, HBO’s “Tales From The Crypt“, Showtime’s “The Outer Limits“) and franchise feature films: “Children Of The Corn 2”, “Demon Knight” and “Bordello Of Blood”. Making Bordello changed the course of my life. It broke up a decade-long creative partnership and plunged me into nearly two decades of self doubt and writer’s block.

The good news? I bounced. I got born again. Not in a religious sense, but a Life sense. I started to write again. Hell, I discovered a passion for storytelling I never even had before. I went from thinking I had no more stories to tell to wondering if I’ve got nearly enough time to tell the throng of stories inside my head. I’ll take the latter situation any day.

The biggest takeaway from getting my head healthy: realizing how close bullshit had come to literally killing me.

Bullshit comes in an infinite number of shapes and sizes. Funny coincidence? So do human beings. The goal isn’t to live apart from humans. The goal is to find ways to successfully navigate the shoals of human interaction. Especially the ones where other people bullshit you.

When you get right down to it, learning how to live bullshit free is a survival skill for modern times.

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