REVEALED: The ‘Animal Spirits’ of the MSM…

Having cogitated and meditated and MEDICATED for days, I have seen the ‘Animal Spirits’ of many of our News Media Players… okay, not every one of these is literally an ‘Animal Spirit’ but — it just so happens not everyone’s animal spirit is a goddamned animal.  Get over it.

Now, some of these are obvious, I know, but I just call em as I see em…

Joy Reid — A Lioness being a Lioness

Sean Hannity — A Hyena

Brett Baier — A Dung Beetle

Stephanie Ruhl — A Laser Beam

Hugh Hewitt — Elmer Fudd

Katy Tur — A Surgeon

Fox ‘News’ — Shelly Duval in ‘The Shining’

Wolf Blitzer — Roadkill

Chuck Todd — Roadkill That Got In The Way

To Be Continued…

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