An Ode To ‘Broads’

Full Transparency — I love ‘Broads’.  I love the ‘idea’ of ‘Broads’.  I even like the word ‘Broads’ to describe that particular kind of woman…

Of all the words used to describe women, “Broad” has had a virtually unique journey.  It went from having purely negative connotations to having almost completely positive ones.  At the web site, Dave Haskey has a good post about where words like ‘broad’ came from.  He finishes the section on ‘Broad’ with a quote from A Dictionary of Words About Women, by Jane Mills:  “…A broad is defined as “a woman who is liberal, tolerant, unconfined, and not limited or narrow in scope.”

“Unconfined” is important.  So is “Not limited or narrow in scope”.  Broads have perspective.  It’s hardwired into them.  It’s what gives them that ‘Honey, I’ve seen it all, heard it all, done it all’ quality.

Broads are steel built on a foundation of heartache.  She liked the look of ya, so what?  She saw the rest of you coming from a million miles away.  You can knock her down all you like.  She’s already back on her feet.  She may want you but you?  You need her — and that’s gonna be harder on you.

Bette Midler is a ‘Broad’ —

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 22

One of Bette’s idols — Sophie Tucker (“Last of the Red Hot Mommas”) — was the ‘Uber Broad’.


If you’ve never seen The Divine Miss M’s tribute to her idol —  you owe it to yourself:  A Broad Paying Homage To A Broad…


Helen Mirren is a ‘Broad’ — you could see the ‘Broad’ in her even when she was a young actress chewing up the RSC.

But, finally, the quintessential ‘Classic Hollywood Broad Moment’ is delivered by Hollywood’s Most Classic Broad — Lauren Bacall.

One thing ya never do — men especially?  Is try and top a ‘Broad’.



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