Marx Was Wrong; Religion Isn’t ‘The Opiate Of The Masses’, It’s The Fast Food

My pal MULLIGAN JESUS promotes a Fast Food Brand called McOoga-Boogas…

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The main menu option at McOoga-Booga’s is, of course, ‘The Whopper’.  Piled high with bullshit, topped off with more bullshit and sprinkles of willful ignorance — accompanied by sides of Sanctimony and Lack of Imagination — talk about ‘a meal’.

Most Americans don’t approach their ‘faith’ like a person approaches a meal though — looking to get deeply ‘fed’.  They approach it like someone on the run for whom eating is a necessary inconvenience.  They need their faith to be simple, easy to grasp, digestible with a minimum of fuss and time commitment.

The LAST thing most American Christians want to do — when it comes to their religious faith — is invest time in ‘reading’ its foundational texts.  Cos boring on an epic scale.

Most Christians especially could live their entire lives — as Christians — without EVER having even PICKED UP a copy of the New Testament (including the one put in their hotel rooms by the Creepier-Than-Fuck Gideons — quit snooping around our hotel rooms you creepy religious bastards!).  The bible, ironically, may be the book most American Christians are LEAST familiar with.

But then, when they do stumble upon the texts, they inevitably get everything wrong.

Perhaps the bible isn’t a book for uninformed people to read. That is, unless they approach it as LITERATURE instead of LITURGY.  Then, at least they might see the ‘stories’ for what THEY are and the ‘messages’ for what THEY are…



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