Mulligan Jesus Says ‘Sinning Is For Suckers!’

Hi, everyone — The Reverend Franky Graham here again for America’s fastest-growing new religion thing-a-ma-bob:  “MULLIGAN JESUS”!

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Hey, folks — betcha think that’s a bible in my hand.  It isn’t!  It’s where I keep my stash of poppers!

Regular Old Jesus got ya weighed down with ‘Do unto this one’ and ‘Do unto that one’ when, really, you just want to ‘Do all unto yourself!’ — amiright?  Then ‘MULLIGAN JESUS’ is the ‘Do-Over Deity’ for you.

Mulligan Jesus won’t nag you like a bitch over what you did, will do or are currently doing that’s bad cos — Mulligan Jesus couldn’t care less what you’re getting up to — that’s YOUR SHIT, right?  Wanna commit adultery?  Who’s Mulligan Jesus to cast the first stone?  He’s got LOADS of CHIPPIE on the side — you think it ain’t cool being Mulligan Jesus?

So — whatever ya do?  Mulligan Jesus already has your Mulligan marked off on Life’s Big Score Card.  Take another shot at it.  Take another while you’re at it.  And another.  Fuck it — take all the shots ya want!

As Mulligan Jesus always says, “You’re welcome!  Just don’t do it again. (wink, wink)”.

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