Lack of Imagination: The Conservative Disease

As one of the ‘Crazies’ who saw Donald Trump for what he was from word one — and saw the Russian connection to Donald Trump as very real and very sinister — it was befuddling in the extreme to watch the MSM and most other Americans refuse to see either one or — while seeing the one (that Donald Trump was sinister) refused to conceive that the other (Donald Trump’s Russia Problem) could possibly be a reality.

Yeah well.

Thing is, most people couldn’t IMAGINE such a thing.  It literally sat outside the boundaries of what they could imagine happening during their lifetime on this planet.

And yet.

In a sense, it’s more ‘Failure to HAVE An Imagination’ than ‘Failure OF Imagination’ but — we’ll quibble about words another time.  Americans by and large failed to imagine that Donald Trump wasn’t only a bad, corrupt president, he was a bad, corrupt, TREASONOUS president.  And they continued, a lot of them, to FAIL TO IMAGINE that Donald Trump was treasonous in the face of clear evidence and behaviors that screamed and shouted that, if he wasn’t ‘treasonous’, he sure was acting like he was GUILTY of something.

Our news media showed a TOTAL lack of imagination.  And that’s unpardonable.  When Fusion GPS started on their oppo research gig, the FIRST thing they did was ‘due diligence’ — they got ahold of and read/watched/listened to every single piece of PUBLICLY AVAILABLE material about or touching upon the subject of Donald J Trump.  They even checked books out from the library.

And what they saw there — in that publicly available material — stirred their IMAGINATIONS — and what it stirred caused them such deep concern that they saw the need to dig further (because WHAT they saw was a CRIMINAL who was subject to BLACKMAIL).  Imagination — it’s a good thing for an inquiring mind to have onboard.

But, I’ve noticed, conservatives don’t seem to have imagination ‘onboard’.  Well — that’s not entirely true.  They DO have imagination — in their lizard brains.  What they imagine is DANGER — all around.  And that’s it.  But it’s danger that causes them to withdraw into the tightest, teeniest cocoon in creation.  A ‘Black Hole of Imagination’ if you will where only terrible things can happen if we move from the ‘square’ on which we currently sit.

After all, the thing conservatives want to do is right there in their names: ‘CONSERVE-ATIVE’.  They want to conserve — not what will be, of course, that would be a contradiction of terms.  Conservatives want to conserve for sure WHAT IS — but what they’re really going after — what they REALLY want to conserve is WHAT WAS.

Conservatives want to live in the past.  And that makes having an imagination a problem.  Cos if you imagine things, you kinda imagine not what IS but what ISN’T or what CAN BE or SHOULD BE.  And then, if you’re of a ‘mind’ to ‘do something’ about it — you act.  You try to change things.  You try to PROGRESS.  And that’s the OPPOSITE of what any conservative really wants.

So — our ‘Failure of Imagination’ is probably a ‘relic’ of conservatism — still causing the American Body Politic twinges of pain — like an old war wound that refuses to heal.  But, today, literally MILLIONS OF PEOPLE — many of them young — EVERY LAST ONE filled with IMAGINATION — will take to the streets because they demand change.

Only a person with NO IMAGINATION — who can’t grasp what’s about to happen to them — would stand in their way.

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