The Corruption Pro Am

It’s the fact-iest fact of our times: nobody does corruption like the modern Republican Party. Whatever other skill sets the GOP collectively have, they pale in comparison to the Republican facility with corruption. Man-oh-MAN, are they good at being corrupt! Watching the GOP everyday, it’s a lot like living inside a “Corruption Pro Am”. They’re being corrupt even when they say “hello”.

And, among a “super friends” of corruption, malfeasance and greed, nobody epitomizes the full Monty of both human and political corruption even remotely like Donald J. Trump.

Let’s never forget: the Republican Party KNEW that Trump was corrupt – and treasonously so – before they even nominated him. They spent four years betraying America on a daily basis, and every moment since trying to cover it all up and obstruct justice.

Until the Israel-Hamas War took over the headlines, Republican corruption was the story – with Trump as its Poster Boy.

The Republicans could play 18 holes of corruption as easily as they could play 18 at their favorite racist golf club (and, yeah – they’re all members and proudly racist!).

The first hole of the “Republican Corruption Pro Am” is this curious scene – the one where LINDSEY GRAHAM went from being all “If we elect Trump, he’ll destroy us and we’ll deserve it!” to “I will do anything to humiliate myself at that man’s feet!”. Lindsey’s “change of heart” toward Trump seemed to happen during one golfing afternoon.

We can only wonder which of Lindsey’s darkest secrets Trump laid on the table. It can’t be that Lindsey’s gay or gender curious even. Gay people might not get much love from the Southern Gothic swamp that spawned Lindsey, but there’s no career-ending shame in it anymore. No, I think Lindsey’s got other skeletons. And the problem is, they’re way younger than Lindsey. Too young for any grown up. And that’s Lindsey’s problem: Trump has kompromat that wouldn’t just end Lindsey’s political career, it might put him in prison, too.

Hole #2 “A Celebration Of Jim Jordan”

The Pro Am’s second hole could be Jim Jordan – the sexual predator enabler – confessing that he spoke repeatedly to Trump on January 6 and that he knows for a fact that he’s criminally complicit in the insurrection.

Hole #3 “Putin Pays Trump

Kevin McCarthy sold his soul and sold out the House of Representatives, the country and everyone he knows just to get to be Speaker Of The House. That went well. But that isn’t Kevin’s Pro Am Hole. This fine moment is – the one where (referenced above) he exited one meeting (where he learned how hard Vladimir Putin was working to undermine Ukraine’s fragile, new democracy) and entered another. Upon entering the second – a meeting of Republican leaders – Kevin said out loud: “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump – swear to God!

Any which way you look at that, it’s bad. Kevin said that AFTER hearing what Putin was up to – and knowing what Trump was up to. The GOP is about to nominate this man to be POTUS – and Kevin says he’s owned by a hostile foreign leader? In fact, Kevin says “swear to God” – to drive home he’s being emphatic!

Now, everyone in that room would have agreed with Kevin that California representative Dana Rohrbacher was fully owned by Moscow. Nobody disputed that. But, Trump? Their about-to-be nominee? That should have been shocking news to everyone present.

Except it wasn’t. There was nervous laughter – that’s what motivated Kevin’s “Swear to God!” Kevin was insisting: “I’m telling you the truth here!”

Nobody, indeed, questioned Kevin. No one said “Whaaaaaaat? Kevin – are you SURE about that, dude?”

No one contradicted Kevin or demanded he produce receipts for such a terrible thing to say about a person running for POTUS.

Curious, huh?

Even more curious? Then Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan was also at the meeting. He didn’t dispute Kevin either. In fact, Ryan stepped forward and “instructed his Republican lieutenants to keep the conversation private, saying: “No leaks. . . . This is how we know we’re a real family here.”

The 18th Hole

If ever a photo scored a “hole in one”. It seems to prove the point that Putin pays Trump. Certainly Putin views Trump as his little bitch.

C’mon, DoJ. Just do it: put Donald Trump on the stand. Place his ass under oath and then start asking questions. Do not let up. Insist he answer. Poke and prod as often as possible Demand Trump answer everything.

If ever a hole deserved his own hole.

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