Stephen Miller’s FAVORITE ‘Dead Hooker Lasagna’ Recipe – You’ll LOVE It!

Stephen Miller - fascist

Normally, when people connect “food” with “Stephen Miller”, that means the food will be outbound. But, even a shit like Stephen has to meet his minimum daily allotment of nutrients — even if those mostly come from Stephen chowing down on human flesh.

It so happens Stephen has a certain “gourmet flare”. Contrary to what his many enemies in the media would say, Stephen doesn’t just rip off hunks of flesh and jam them into his maw. He doesn’t have the upper body strength to do that. But he does have plenty of strength to turn on the oven.

So, without any further ado (or stirring — ya don’t want it to curdle), here’s Stephen Miller’s ‘Killer’ (Stephen’s joke, not mine) ‘Dead Hooker Lasagna’ Recipe.  Ummmmmm… enjoy?


  1. Score a Hooker.
  2. Invite the Hooker back to your place cos it’s so much more comfortable there
  3. Back at YOUR PLACE, off the Hooker
  4. Drag the Hooker into your bathroom (or workroom in the back of Mom’s basement) and ‘dress’ (I know — ‘dress’ a Hooker?).
  5. Go to the supermarket.  Buy some pre-made lasagna.  Take it home.
  6. Put pieces of dead Hooker into the pre-made lasagna & stir.

Voila! “Stephen Miller’s Dead Hooker Lasagna”.  Serves however many you have enough dead Hooker for…

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