Why Does Donald Trump Keep Using The Word “Perfect”?

Every time Donald Trump uses the word “perfect” – to describe a phone call or a meeting or himself – “The Princess Bride” flashes across my mind.

In “The Princess Bride”, Wallace Shawn’s character Vizzini keeps using the word “inconceivable” to describe things that are actually quite conceivable. Because they’re happening. Mandy Patinkin’s Inigo Montoya finally observes “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”.

Perfectly Georgia

Trump has used “perfect” to describe his phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger. The one where he tried to muscle Raffensberger into “finding votes” and where Fulton County DA Fani Willis is about to drop a RICO indictment on Trump’s head. What did Trump mean by “perfect” here? What does Trump ever mean when he uses that word?

In the case of Trump’s call to Raffensberger, Trump used the word in a lengthy statement he put out after Willis requested the formation of a special grand jury. DA Willis formed a special grand jury to help her office with its ongoing investigation into whether Trump’s efforts to pressure Raffensperger constituted criminal conduct.

Trump clearly grasped that this was real trouble.

The Perfect Context?

Here’s an important distinction: at no time has Trump ever contradicted what happened. Not in any way. And what we’re talking about? It’s CRIMINAL. Flat out criminal! It’s even more criminal because Trump’s doing it from the freakin’ Oval Office! Trump was doing everything he could think of to hold onto power because he needed to. His freedom ultimately will depend on it.

So, why with that context being THE context, did Trump choose “perfect” to describe it? What, to him, was “perfect” about it?

And why hasn’t a single reporter, journalist or other news media person ever asked Trump why such a phone call would be “perfect”?

Perfect Physical Specimen?

Trump has used “perfect” to describe himself. In 2022, Trump declared himself “A perfect physical specimen”. Yeah, but of what? Of a bloated, orange traitor? Okay – fair enough. But, of a healthy human being? He’s going to need to bring a few receipts to that conversation. I’m not holding my breath (which is more than Trump can do).

Clearly, as Inigo Montoya would put it, that word doesn’t mean what Trump thinks it means.

Perfect Foreign Affairs?

How about a “Golden Oldie”! Back in 2019, Trump used “perfect” to describe a phone call to “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Remember how that slice of perfection (with a side of disparaging the whistleblower whose complaint sparked the House impeachment inquiry) got Trump impeached?

What was perfect about Trump threatening to withhold vital military aid as Russia rattled its saber?

Trump insisted in a tweet at the time that “What I said on the phone call with the Ukrainian President is ‘perfectly’ stated”. Hmmmmm… Trump continued (in his tweet): “There is no reason to call witnesses to analyze my words and meaning. This is just another Democrat Hoax that I have had to live with from the day I got elected (and before!) Disgraceful!”

So, not just perfect but “perfectly stated”.

The House impeached Trump for that piece of perfection. The Senate refused to convict.

How perfect.

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