The Republican Bench

In sports, it’s essential to have a great starting team. But, if there’s no “bench” behind those starters? That team is doomed. Pity the poor Republicans. Their starter – Donald Trump – is the first ex president ever to get indicted (with lots more indictments on the way). By the time Fani Willis and Jack Smith are done, Trump will be the first American president to go to prison. Even Trump’s own ex-lawyer Ty Cobb thinks it’ll happen!

If the GOP weren’t the GOP, this would be the moment where someone from their bench would step heroically forward. But, if you’re the Republican bench – hell, if you’re a Republican PERIOD – you don’t do “heroic” things. Heroism itself befuddles you. Stepping forward would mean defying Trump. And no one sitting on the Republican bench is going to do that.

Calling Ron DeSantis’ Number!

Ron DeSantis auditioning for his next gig – as “Dopey”.

On the surface, it will appear like Ron IS defying Trump. That’s merely Trumpism feeding on itself – as it does. Trumpism creates acolytes who outlive their usefulness and then become chum. Like Ron DeSantis.

The only reason DeSantis appears so powerful in Florida is because the state is so gerrymandered. DeSantis has power out of proportion to the electorate. This gives Ron the appearance of popularity that he, in fact, does not have. He’s a guy hitting a lucky shot and suddenly thinking he’s got the hot hand.

In fact, Ron’s the picture definition of a Christo-fascist loser. He’s got an awful personality with negative charisma. Insurance salesmen laugh at Ron’s way with a room. Ron doesn’t care; he’s a bully. He doesn’t use power, he abuses it. But, he’s still a small player oblivious of how small he is. When the Walt Disney Company finishes with Ron, he’s going to look like he’s been sucked into a black hole and shit out its other end. For starters, Disney just reversed course on a huge project that would have brought thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to the state.

That should play well come election time.

Yeah, Ron had a good little run there. He caught a few passes. Scored a touchdown or two. But, that was before anyone thought to take him seriously as a threat (of any kind) – and “cover him”. Now that we’re all watching Ron. Next week, when Ron makes his POTUS run official, he’ll do it under the spotlights. Ron’s used to operating in the shadows.

Trump will destroy DeSantis without even breaking a sweat. Remember – where Trump and Trumpanistas are concerned, it won’t matter if Trump lies about DeSantis. In fact, the bigger the lie, the more outrageous it is, the better! The press won’t so much hone in on DeSantis’s obvious flaws as grow bored with him. In the near future, people will chuckle when they recall how the news media took a guy named “Ron DeSantis” seriously.

A Murderer’s Row Of Mediocrity

And what of the rest of the Republican Bench?

Nikki Haley… Tim Scott… Mike Pence… Marjory Taylor Green… Lauren Boebert… Jim Jordan… Matt Gaetz… Christi Noem… Greg Abbott… Chris Christie… Mike Pompeo… Ted Cruz…

One could pick something more valuable from one’s nose than from that collection of political talent.

Here in California, we’re facing a damned hard choice to replace Diane Feinstein in the Senate. Adam Schiff or Katie Porter or Barbara Lee? That’s a very hard choice between three very good public servants with rock solid bona fides and accomplishments. It’s like having Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James on your bench. They can attack, they can defend. They’d be starters on any other team. They aren’t unique. The Democratic party has plenty of similar talent all over the country. Even in our “territories” (the US Virgin Islands’ Representative Stacey Plaskett is amazing!)

Back on the GOP’s bench? Ron Paul, Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham are squabbling. The arrangement of deck chairs there on the Titanic isn’t to their liking.

Maybe that’s the problem with the Republican bench. They don’t have one! Rather, the GOP has what’s stuck to the bottom of a bench.

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