A Third Of Americans Are Hardcore Royalists And Always Have Been

King Donald, The Treasonous And Corrupt

One of our common misconceptions about how America started is that everyone living here wanted to revolt against the British. It ain’t so. “At no time did more than 45 percent of colonists support the war, and at least a third of colonists fought for the British.” That third of us never wanted to be part of the greatest experiment ever in human self government. They were and remain American royalists. Dedicated to opposing democracy in all its forms.

Trump & Trumpists

In modern America, they’re the Trumpists. It doesn’t matter what Trump does, how illegal or criminal or even treasonous it is. To them, Trump is king and the king can do no wrong.

Trump didn’t lead the Republican Party astray. He didn’t bamboozle them into anything or drag them kicking and screaming down a rabbit hole. Rather, Trump set free the Republican Party’s “id monster”.


In the classic sci-fi-horror movie “Forbidden Planet“, the monster is a product of too much knowledge. It’s a little (maybe a lot) like AI. The id monster gets corrupted by its own self-obsession. That’s a lot like the Republican Party. All the GOP can see is itself losing power to a diversifying America. In “Forbidden Planet” that obsession becomes a self-destructive hyper loop that finally achieves critical mass.

Forbidden Planet’s “Id Monster”.

The Republican Party want America in just such a self-destructive hyper loop. They want us to achieve critical mass – and then lurch into fascism and authoritarianism. They’re about to be profoundly disappointed.

America: A Nation Of Nations

America isn’t like Germany or Italy or any country that succumbed to fascism. One thing fascism relies on is uniformity of the population. If everyone feels ethnically connected to the group, they’re more likely to stay loyal and obedient. It took fifteen hundred years for all the various diverse Germanic tribes to coalesce into “Germans”. And, as they all stood together at Nuremburg, eyes glued to their fuehrer, they all felt as one.

That can’t happen here because, in our case, the Europeans wiped out the peoples who had been here for thousands of years. Rather, European pathogens wiped out America’s native peoples. The wealthy, white, Christian men who penned our founding documents had a great idea that they executed poorly.

Fortunately, the rest of the people arriving here understood the concept better.

An Inside Job

Treason has hijacked the Republican Party. It was an inside job. The GOP chose treason because they’ve never been into this whole “democracy thing”. It’s too much of a crap shoot. What makes it worse is that Republicans have nothing to sell to the American electorate. Except our past.

Republicans, being conservative, want to conserve (exactly as their name says). What do they want to conserve? Why, the past, of course or as much of the past as still exists in the present. If conservatives could pick us up and physically transport America into the past, they’d do it.

They’d take us back to a time and a place where royalty American royalty) meant something: the backwards-looking America of their wet dreams.

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