Seditious Conspiracy Cooties Are About To Infect The GOP

Seditious conspiracy cooties are highly infectious.

We all learned this important truth on the schoolyard. The last thing on earth anyone wants is cooties! Catching cooties is worse than just social death. It could spell long term doom. Even if you get a million miles away from a cootie, you can’t escape its stink. And nothing stinks worse than seditious conspiracy cooties.

Guilty, Guilty, GUILTY!!!

This morning, four Proud Boys were convicted of seditious conspiracy. Among them, the Proud Boys leader, Enrique Tarrio. Our news media and its punditry worried themselves sick over Tarrio because he wasn’t in DC on January 6. A judge had told him to stay out of DC and Tarrio complied. Apparently our news media doesn’t understand how conspiracies work. They figured juries wouldn’t understand either. Wrong! Nailing Tarrio wasn’t a small thing for the Justice Department. It’s a marker.

The jury still can’t decide one Proud Boy’s fate on the conspiracy charges. Dominic Pezzola had only just joined up. He really wasn’t part of any early plotting. Evidently, part of the jury says “Screw Dom!” while the other part says “Let’s go easy on Dom”.

Dom won’t get away with anything. He still picked up a weapon on January 6 and used it. But having not helped plan the crime should spare him the time. Dom’s fate on the remaining charges is, at most, an afterthought now.

The Rule Of Law Returns

The Republican Party – as a whole – is about to learn a very hard lesson about the rule of law. Well, they’re about to learn what happens when We The People insist on applying the rule of law equally. The rule of law says no one’s allowed to have seditious conspiracy cooties.

No one is supposed to touch them. Or allow seditious conspiracy cooties to touch them. Should such a thing happens, the rule of law says, the infected person must report it to the proper authorities. Why is that? Why, to prevent the infection from spreading of course!

Living in a free society is great! Being free is great! But living in a free society and being free doesn’t come for free. These things are very expensive. Yes, the benefits are lovely, but they come with awesome responsibilities. If you don’t want the responsibilities, forget the bennies. It’s a package deal.

One of those responsibilities is: if you see something (that violates the rule of law), say something. If you don’t, the rest of us have to ask why? Why did you not say anything? Were you merely shirking your responsibilities or was something more nefarious afoot? Have cooties of some sort infected you?

The Next Tiers Up

It’s now official: seditious conspiracy cooties have infected the Proud Boys. The Justice Department is prosecuting this case like a RICO prosecution. They’re rolling from the bottom to the top. Each layer betrays the layer(s) above. That means that if Dominic is guilty of seditious conspiracy then so will be most everyone in the next tier up. Keep in mind – they already have seditious conspiracy cooties. This isn’t about “do they or don’t they?”, it’s now about “they do and now it’s time to deal with their infection”.

What will it take to fully cure America of its seditious conspiracy infection? We’ll have to prosecute every single person who’s part of the conspiracy. That sounds hard until you remember: defending oneself against this level of charge is very, VERY expensive.

And when the cards say you’re going to lose? Finding dumbbells to help pay for your losing defense is going to be hard if not impossible. There are only so many GoFundMe dollars to go around.

The Case Of The Ever Expanding Case

I suspect that Fulton County DA Fani Willis is taking so long because her case keeps expanding and getting bigger. It’s general knowledge that more than a dozen people face indictment including various elected Republicans like Lindsey Graham. Lindsey actively helped Trump’s attempt to corrupt Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensburger. But, it looks like a number of lower level elected Republicans also face legal peril. The smart ones saw the writing on the wall and flipped early.

The moment one criminal co-conspirator flips, it puts real pressure on all the others. See something, say something. Before long the rats will begin flipping on each other in a tsunami of criminal panic. You don’t want to be the last criminal looking for a deal. You ain’t getting one.

That’s what’s slowing down Fani Willis. She’s got to vet every rat after they’ve ratted. It takes time. But, it builds her case and makes winning convictions that much more of a slam dunk.

And we’re staring at slam dunks. For seditious conspiracy.

You can see the cooties gathering on the horizon. It isn’t just seditious conspiracy cooties either. There are even worse out there: treason cooties.

They, too, will have their day in the sun. And in court.

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