Republican Kabuki: An Appreciation

On the one hand, the entire Republican Party is utterly full of shit. But, on the other, aren’t all actors? The GOP bailed on governing eons ago. It’s just not their thing. A sizeable chunk of the Trumpian base – the white supremacist core – only ever liked democracy when only they took part in it. To them, open, free and fair elections are crap shoots. Anybody could win – and that does not work for them. Ah, but how do you play the part of “partner in democracy” while secretly plotting to destroy that democracy at the very same time? If you’re the GOP, you become expert at performance art: Republican Kabuki.

Good actors become expert at reproducing genuine emotional responses on cue. We dress them up in wardrobe, put words into their mouths and carefully control how the audience sees them. It’s a craft in perpetual search of Truth.

Republicans are actors, too. But not good actors. Literally everything they do is a performance. The strange thing is, the more dishonest the Republican, the more “honestly” they portray their dishonesty. It’s all right there on the surface – like white face paint applied with a trowel.

Hamlet’s Advice

Republicans can’t portray actual moral outrage because they have no actual morals. That’s where Republican Kabuki comes in. In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, Hamlet warns the players “do not saw the air too much with your hand“. Avoid Kabuki!

Republicans have no use for “Hamlet”. They’re all about sawing the air with their hands as much as they can. And few current Republicans saw the air with as much witless aplomb as Marjorie Taylor Green. Here, Marge performs her “I’m A Compassionate Person” Kabuki –

Marjorie Taylor Green performs her “I’m A Compassionate Person” Kabuki

She’s quite amazing, isn’t she? Words tumble like turds from her mouth. What a talent!

Ron DeSantis, Kabuki Artist

Ron DeSantis, the man, has zero personality. But, Ron DeSantis the Republican Kabuki artist screams “Look at me! I’m ridiculous” with true conviction!

Ron DeSantis performs his “I Hate Trans People” Kabuki

Ron’s problem is he will never make it to lead Kabuki actor in this company. He hasn’t got the chops to be top dog. Only one person will ever and always be the True Maestro of Republican Kabuki. Donald Trump has raised Republican Kabuki to a kind of art.

The King Of Republican Kabuki

Literally everything Trump says is Kabuki. He even walks around in orange Kabuki face paint. That’s a serious artist at work.

Donald Trump: the maestro of Republican Kabuki (aka Bullshit Kabuki)

Republican Kabuki is destroying America. By design. That’s because, at its bottom-most line? Republican Kabuki is Bullshit Kabuki. And nothing good ever comes of bullshit.

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