Ooga-Booga v Knowledge: America’s Simple Choice

Some call it “Superstition”, some call it bullshit; it’s all Ooga-Booga.

When U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk of Abilene, Texas took mifepristone off America’s pharmacy shelves, he perfectly encapsulated America’s abortion argument and our choices. On the one side sits knowledge, surrounded by receipts. On the other sits ooga-booga. Ooga-booga doesn’t have receipts. They don’t know even know what receipts are (or how to spell “receipts”). But they do have plenty of feelings! And, regardless of how baseless those feelings may be, ooga-booga is going to ride them all the way to wherever the hell it leads. Good luck to us!

The Ultimate Boss Battle

It always was going to come down to this – the ultimate boss battle between facts and feelings.

America has learned the hard way: there’s no middle ground. Facts can impact and alter feelings. But, feelings have zero impact on facts. Facts aren’t always convenient or pleasing. They can feel like a cold slap in the face. Ouch!

But that pain is a fact. The feelings that necessitated the slap – they’re just feelings that resulted in more feelings. It’s not hard to see how someone resistant to facts could get caught in a feelings death spiral. Next thing ya know, they’re picking up an AR15 to assuage those hurt feelings (but that’s a whole other conversation).

From the jump, Judge Kacsmaryk’s argument is utter bullshit. They’re based entirely on his own feelings of moral superiority (which, in turn, are utter bullshit). Kacsmaryk had to assert his bullshit moral superiority because THAT is his “standing” in this ruling. He insists that women are too slutty, loose and weak to speak for themselves, so HE is going to do it for them. Take that standing away and Kacsmaryk’s just one more religious guy waving his dick around in public.

The picture definition of “ooga-booga”.

It goes without saying. Kacsmaryk brought zero receipts to the argument. He brought lots of bullshit instead to compensate.

Facts v Feelings Or Ooga v Booga

Facts mean nothing to those wedded to their feelings. They won’t ever mean anything. And, considering how toxic their feelings are, we would be insane to give those feelings an ounce of credence.

At present – via our news media – knowledge and ooga-booga get equal treatment. Opinions about facts equal facts themselves. That’s what comes from reporting “both sides do it”. For the record, a Republican acting criminally for political reasons is NOT the same as a Democrat acting for entirely political reasons.

Pick a debate in America and it breaks down along the exact same lines: LGBTQ rights, gun control, the environment, religious freedom and democracy itself. On one side sits knowledge, on the other, ooga-booga.

Our choice could not be more clear. Or more obvious. It’s facts v feelings,

Or Ooga v Booga.

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