Or It Could Go Like This…

One way it could go ends like this – with a prisoner Trump!

Spoiler Alert: in this version of events – should they happen – the Republican Party ends up in History’s Graveyard alongside the Whigs. If that ruins it for you, stop reading here. However, if the idea of the Republican Party ceasing to be puts a smile on your face? Let’s indulge in a little… well, it could be wishful thinking or it could be prescient. Time will tell! I think it could go like this…

Trump’s legal entanglement in Manhattan is going to grow in size and complexity. Stone cold fact – how Trump “won election” in 2016 is going to come into play. That is the big secret Trump and the GOP need to bury forever. The Republican Party’s 2016 criminal behavior necessitated its 2020 criminal behavior. As this blog has squawked and squawked, the GOP’s leadership knew even before they nominated Trump that his presidency would pose a grave national security threat.

Putin Pays Trump…

They knew Vladimir Putin “owned” Trump but nominated him anyway. The DoJ now sees Trump’s obstructive behavior for what it is. Jack Smith is going to indict Trump for that obstructive behavior. And once he does it? Every last bit of Trumpian obstruction will glow in the dark. We’ll begin to see it everywhere (and that’s fair enough because it IS everywhere)!

By the time Alvin Bragg finally gets to prosecute Trump – some time next year – that prosecution will seem like piling on. Trump, by then, will have far bigger problems in his bloated orange face. He’ll officially be a “rapist”. The E. Jean Carroll trials will both end badly for Trump.

Or, It Could End With Fox In Ruins

Also, by the time the Stormy Daniels takes the stand, Fox News will lie in ruins. They go on trial later this month and the question there isn’t even “did Fox do it?” The judge has already answered it – yes, Fox lied about Dominion. This is now a matter of how much it will cost Fox and Rupert Murdoch.

Dominion won’t settle with Fox and doesn’t have to. They’ll get the $1.6 billion they want for harm to their business. What they hope for is the jury’s add-ons for pain and suffering. Having sat on a jury that awarded a plaintiff money for pain and suffering, it would take a heartless jury not to award Dominion Fox News Corp’s wallet in its entirety.

The jury will award Dominion gazillions in damages. Then – with all their wrong-doing exposed – every Fox News host (and Rupert himself) will get sued. That will shut them all up in a hurry.

Meanwhile, In Georgia…

Meanwhile, Fanni Willis will unload her indictments – more than a dozen of them – in May. That will change the game entirely because it won’t just be Trump paying legal fees. Lindsey Graham will get indicted. So will Rudy Giuliani. And so will a bunch of Congresspeople and state representatives from Georgia.

Georgia will be a bloodbath. It’s as open-and-shut a case as you could want. They have Donald Trump’s voice! Everyone going along with Trump now will become either an active co-conspirator or a co-conspirator to be. Once people start talking, they won’t stop. They’ll name every name they can to clip a few days off their lengthy sentences.

That will be the shocker that brings everyone down to earth: the legal costs. All the good deals are gone already. Any idea what billable hours cost at this level? Around a thousand bucks an hour (after you’ve bought everyone lunch). The Republican faithful may try to pony up at first, but this maw will be relentless and greedier than a Republican.

Do The “GOP Flip”!

More and more Republicans will flip on each other, doing everything they can to reduce their sentences from a lot of years to a lot of years minus a few. Even getting that far will destroy many Republican families. It will cost them their homes and generational wealth in some cases.

Once the flipping starts, it won’t end. The Republicans will go all McCarthy on each other. That’s Joe McCarthy, not Kevin.

But rest assured – Kevin McCarthy will flip faster than almost everyone else. The joke will be how little Kevin McCarthy has to show for it.

Jacking It Up!

When Jack Smith starts dropping indictments, shit will get beyond serious for the GOP. Smith has Trump dead to rights over his obstructive behavior. Life hack: when your own lawyer is ratting you out to the feds? You’re done.

So, Smith will have Trump’s teeny-tiny nuts in his hand when he drops the other indictments over the insurrection and all Trump’s varied back-room machinations. This will explode inside the GOP. By the time all he indictments drop, a significant number of Republican members of Congress will be forced to step down.

Just like that, the Republicans will lose their majority. In time, some of those Representatives and Senators will get replaced. But even that could end disastrously for Republicans. Let’s say Wisconsin’s Senator Ron Johnson gets indicted and has to step down. In Wisconsin, Democratic Governor Tony Evers will have to call a special election.

Hey, didja see how that State Supreme Court election just went down in Wisconsin? Do you really think a vote for Senator will have different results?

It’s Coming From Inside The House

The rules in the House of Representatives will require special elections to replace the resigning reps. Cool!

For starters, that will take time. Meanwhile, those districts will all go unrepresented. Those representatives won’t be there to keep Kevin McCarthy in business as Speaker. He’ll be forced to cede control of the House to the Democrats and their leader Hakeem Jeffries. Hakeem Jeffries will become Speaker Of The House for the duration.

If the Republicans can’t regain the majority – hardly a given – they’ll stay the minority party. Once the Democrats regain control of the House, it will be a generation before Republicans can even dream of winning it back.

When the Democrats retake the house, they will blast through every bit of the Biden Plan and then look around to pass still more progressive legislation.

No Good News For Republicans

In the future, there will not be a “good news day” for Republicans. There will be bad news days and worse news days. The messaging about them will be relentlessly negative both personally and as a political party. Information long buried will find its way to the surface.

Before long, the word “treason” will land hard and then a crazy situation will totally lose its shit.

Our focus will turn, at last, to Russia and how exactly Trump worked with them to “win”.

That will be our real moment of truth. What do we do about the fact that Donald Trump was never legitimately president? If he was never legitimate, he never actually had the authority to do anything he did. For example – nominate SCOTUS judges.

Legitimacy V Illegitimacy

This isn’t a small thing. The authority to govern Americans flows FROM Americans. If you don’t have the legitimate authority – say, because you stole it – then nothing you did had any actual authority. How can we possibly allow it to stand – when it directly violated our authority?

We The People cannot just let that slide. If we do, We The People are setting ourselves up for failure. Think there’d have been a Donald Trump if Richard Nixon had gone to prison?

The prosecution of the Republican Party will take place over at least two voting cycles. By the time it’s all done, a significant number of Republicans will sit in federal prison. More will be thanking their luck that they aren’t in prison. But, they will live in fear because everyone knows who they are and what they did.

The socialism Republicans feared will become a reality! It won’t be actual socialism, it will be sane democracy. And it will foster a culture where Americans don’t hate their government because they see it as an extension of themselves.

The Cure

Trump himself pointed out that when more Americans vote, Republicans lose. The Republican power grab, their hatred for Black people, women, brown people, Asian people, LGBTQ people – in fact all people not them – has galvanized the American electorate like nothing before. They’ve even motivated Gen Z to embrace democracy and their right to vote. The Republicans didn’t just lose that state Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin this past week, they got killed. And a lot of that kill came courtesy of a huge youth vote and from formerly Republican-voting women.

So, in the middle of it all find the American electorate. We’ve found our soul and our spirit. More important, we’ve found a cause and a purpose. It’s personal, too.

America is a great idea poorly executed by the male, white, Christian land-owning men who wrote our founding documents. Our founders may have written “All men are created equal” but they did not mean it. A rapidly diversifying America is revising that screw up in real time.

Hey, ya know? It really could go like this…

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