That Look In Lindsey Graham’s Eyes

There’s truth in Lindsey Graham’s eyes

Remember back when Lindsey Graham said Trump was a kook and a racist and a bigot and that nominating Trump would lead to the end of the Republican Party. And that they’d deserve it? How about the Lindsey Graham who used to call John McCain his BFF? What happened to that guy? How did he become a polyp up Donald Trump’s ass? That’s how tightly Lindsey Graham hews to Trump these days. Like a body part (he doesn’t need). And how did that look get into Lindsey Graham’s eyes?

You know the look I mean. The haunted look that Lindsey can’t hide. His eyes dart a lot these days. They lack confidence. Hell, they radiate fear.

When Lindsey speaks – regardless of the words tumbling from his lie hole – his eyes shout: “Ignore what I’m saying! It’s rubbish! Down deep, I expect to get arrested every single day now”.

The GOP is no longer a political party. They’re Donald Trump’s sex puppet. He can screw them however he likes whenever he likes. And no one ever looks more screwed by Trump than Lindsey Graham.

The look in Lindsey Graham’s eyes explained.

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