The Republican Party Is A Monstrous Ponzi Scheme Of Treason

The bottom line is always the emperor’s birthday suit. That’s what he’s wearing and everyone knows it. The question is who will say it – out loud – bursting the bubble of bullshit? For a Ponzi scheme to actually work, everyone in existence would have to buy in. The goal of a Ponzi scheme is to keep suckering in new money to fuel the “old money” that started the scheme – and got out already. Ponzi schemes fail when the new money stops flowing – and the whole criminal enterprise collapses in on itself.

The Republican Party is the political equivalent of a Ponzi scheme. That’s a Ponzi scheme that’s hit the wall and is coming apart in real time. The consequences will be calamitous.

Where a financial Ponzi scheme begins with promises of riches, the GOP’s power Ponzi scheme began with promises of power retained. White power – male and Christian. The GOP knows it can’t deliver power to its investors legitimately va honest, free-and-fair elections. Democracy has always been anathema to white power. Because democracy empowers diversity. And diversity is antithetical to white power.

Cheating To Win

Cheating to win is not the same as winning. It’s winning’s criminal evil twin. Because white people wrote the rules, white people got to “color them” as necessary to undermine every other group’s political clout. Gerrymandering maps is all about empowering white minorities over diverse majorities. Voter suppression kinda speaks for itself, doesn’t it? If you had great policies to sell to America, you’d sell them.

If you have regressive, repressive bullshit for sale, you need “other methods” to move your merch.

The Republicans have always sold “patriotism”, “financial responsibility” and “safe streets via a police state”. But every one of those benefits is a lie. No one will ever be able to withdraw them or use them. That’s because they won’t exist – won’t ever have existed. Cos “Ponzi scheme”.


Donald Trump and Trumpism weren’t an anomaly. Trump himself was a convenient means to an end – a way to sell permanent white hegemony to the angry white men who would need to make it work. We’re talking about maybe 13% of Americans here.

For the Ponzi scheme to work therefore 87% of us have to buy in.

That will not happen. It’s not happening and it’s the reason Republicans keep losing elections. The majority of us are not and will not “buy in” to what Republicans want for America.

What makes the Republican Ponzi scheme even worse: it’s treasonous to its core.

But For Russia…

But for Russia, Donald Trump would NEVER have been POTUS. The Republican Party knew Russia had corrupted Trump even before they first nominated him.

On May 17, 2017, Adam Entous (then writing for the Washington Post) reported on a recorded conversation he’d heard. Kevin McCarthy – following a meeting about Russia’s meddling in Ukraine’s struggling democracy (struggling because of Russia!) – says to a roomful of Republican leaders “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump”.

There’s laughter – nervous laughter. That prompts McCarthy to add: “Swear to God!”

The laughter stops as then Speaker of the House Paul Ryan steps forward and tells them all that topic is off the table. Not “what are you talking about, guys? Our candidate’s clean!” but rather “This is an off the record… no leaks, all right?”

“No Leaks”

No “leaks”? If the accusation’s bullshit and untrue – who cares if it “leaks”? It’s bullshit. But, alas, it must be TRUE because the then Speaker of the House follows up that admonition with “This is how we know we’re a family here”.

Donald Trump’s relationship with and to Russia had to remain a secret – even if it meant “Putin pays Trump”.

If Putin pays Trump then Putin owns Trump. Why on earth would the GOP’s leadership want THAT to stay secret? That a hostile foreign leader has compromised a presidential candidate? Were such a candidate to actually win election, that candidate would pose a grave threat to America’s national security. Why, such a president – being beholden like that – would have to give up every one of our secrets. Or risk betrayal.

And anyone who knowingly allowed such a thing to happen? They are complicit in this crime. And this crime has given a hostile foreign power – at cyber war with us – to, in essence, defeat us!

Treason In Flagrante Delicto

The reason Republicans – Trump especially – will fight exposure tooth and nail is because they’re criminals who’ve been caught in flagrante delicto. If our news media weren’t so intensely cynical, they’d have seen it already. They have done the dirty work of legitimizing criminal behavior as “political”. They report Marjorie Taylor Greene pitching Civil War as legitimate political discourse.

No, acting criminally for political purposes is not political behavior, it’s criminal behavior. For political purposes.

This is how Ponzi schemes begin.

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