There Can’t BE A “Republican Party” Anymore

Corruption, Insurrection & Treason: The Republican Brand – that’s why there can’t BE A GOP anymore.

How awful does someone have to be before our news media decides they’re awful? How many lies did Donald Trump have to tell before the press had no choice but to call Trump a “liar”? Is giving credence to criminal behavior really “journalism”? I just watched a segment on MSNBC where the conversation asked “what must Republicans do to pull themselves back from the crazy?” Wow… that’s like asking what could Jeffrey Dahmer have done to lose his “cannibal” rep? Once you’ve crossed that Rubicon, there’s no going back. Republicans aren’t crazy; they’re deliberate. They have made American democracy their enemy. That disqualifies them forever. There can’t BE a “Republican Party” anymore.

Democracy relies on the governed to govern who governs them. At no time in the past few election cycles – or ever – has the majority of Americans wanted “should we still be a democracy?” on the ballot. Yet, that is the only thing Republicans “vote on” now. Not at the ballot box but with their actions. Criminals vote against the rule of law when they “crime”. Republicans vote against democracy when they cheat every way they can to defeat it.

Republican Annihilation

There’s a reason Republicans resort to gerrymandering and voter suppression instead of retail politics to “win” elections. As the anti-democratic “Reagan Revolution” waned, conservatives sensed impending doom. They saw demographic annihilation coming at them much faster than they’d thought it would.

To their credit, conservative Republicans saw Democrats taking democracy for granted. They ran vigorously in local elections – school boards especially – often unopposed. They took power where they could take it easily and then began to infect the political culture with their backwardness, religious mania and racism.

Libertarian Claptrap

While working the grass roots, Republicans also spent lots of money. The Libertarian Koch Bros (now just Charlie Koch) put Mitch McConnell at point, tasked with hijacking America’s judicial branch of government. That is what Mitch McConnell did – denying Barack Obama and Joe Biden their rightful SCOTUS appointments while handing Donald Trump three of them.

Interesting, no? The majority of Americans want one thing while conservatives want another – and it’s the conservatives who get their way? That is not how democracy works. If it’s the GOP’s operating principle then the GOP now operates outside not just the “norms” but the rule of law, too. How many Republicans have openly embraced the insurrection and the insurrectionists?

A Day Of Reckoning Looms

A day of reckoning for Republicans looms. Even they can feel it coming. That’s why they’re working so hard and so fast to interfere with the investigations into them. Why else would you investigate the investigators? Again and again, Republicans behave with open antagonism toward democracy.

Isn’t there some tipping point for Republican criminality as there was for Trumpian lies?

Indictments are coming. For Trump (Fani Willis used the word “imminent”) and allies like Rudy Giuliani. It’s also coming for all the politicians who aided and abetted those already convicted (and some sentenced) for INSURRECTION. The insurrection part of the indictments won’t go away just cos we’re heading up the food chain and the command structure.

The Future

Take this to the bank: the instant indictments start hitting elected members of Congress, those Congresspeople will flip on each other. Alas they’ll find that all the good deals are gone already. And there won’t be nearly enough GoFundMe dollars to pay for everyone’s legal defense. And those legal defenses will be crushingly expensive.

The words “Billable Hours” will haunt Republican sleep.

We’re talking “conspiracy” here. See something, say something. See something, say nothing – as many Republicans did? That’s going to be a massive problem. It makes virtually every Republican a co-conspirator in a massive conspiracy to commit treason. Yet another reason why there can’t be a Republican Party anymore.

But For Russia…

Everything will come around to Russia. That is where it all started. But for Vladimir Putin’s involvement in election 2016, Donald Trump would NEVER have been POTUS. We still haven’t dug into the reported fact that the current Speaker Of The House – Kevin McCarthy – knew that Donald Trump was a traitor before the GOP even nominated Trump in 2016.

The Secret

June 25, 2016 – McCarthy exits a meeting where he learns that Russia is actively engaged in undermining Ukraine’s fragile, burgeoning democracy. McCarthy goes from that meeting to a meeting of GOP leaders. The FIRST thing McCarthy says upon entering the room is “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbcher and Trump – swear to God!” None of the Republican leaders present contradicts McCarthy. Not a one of them even questions him. No, they laugh nervously instead. Because McCarthy has just spoken an uncomfortable truth.

That truth is so uncomfortable that then Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan asserted “leadership”. He ended the conversation. The GOP leadership was not going to discuss the subject any further. Most important? They would all keep this terrible secret – that their about-to-be presidential nominee posed a grave national security threat. As Speaker Ryan put it in the room: “That’s how we know we’re family“.

Clearly by “family”, Speaker Ryan meant the “Manson Family”.

In retrospect, this moment screams at us: rip off the cover! Explore it deeply! Why would one of America’s two political parties choose to keep it secret that their nominee to be POTUS was a stone cold traitor?

We know why! None of this, really, is a question. The Republican Party made itself a white supremacist club. They did that by choice – just as they chose to remain silent when a newly nominated Trump bleated “Hey, Russia, if you’re listening…!”. Of course Russia was listening! Trump was on Russia’s payroll!

Now we must wonder how many other Republicans also were on Putin’s payroll.

Pull A Thread…

Yeah… The GOP is going to come apart like a cheap Christmas sweater. One tug on any number of corrupt threads will trigger it. Those left in the wake? If they’re stupid enough to embrace the “Republican” label, they will deserve the failure coming to them.

What our “both sides do it” news media still doesn’t get: not everything is politics. Democrats behave politically. It’s true. They want to use politics to make America everything it must be. Republicans also behave politically – but their vision for America’s future requires criminal behavior to achieve their political ends. That’s not the same thing!

But when our news media false equivalences them – equating a Democrat behaving politically with a Republican behaving criminally (but for a political end) – they skew our view of ourselves! Worse, they normalize the criminal behavior into political behavior.


How does one market a crime syndicate and a treasonous one at that? You can’t – not to a diverse population. Diversity, as always, is both America’s secret sauce and its saving grace. And a diverse America will never vote for a political party that despises their diversity.

There can’t be a Republican Party anymore – because they’re a criminal enterprise. And, there won’t be a Republican Party anymore – for the very same reason.

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