Kevin McCarthy: Speaker Of The House & Treason’s Poster Boy

Kevin McCarthy: Treason’s Poster Boy.

Wanna talk Rogue’s Gallery? Let’s talk Republican Speakers of The House. From Newt Gingrich (he the GOP’s culture war against the rest of us) to Denny Hastert (convicted pederast) to Paul Ryan (record breaking ineptitude), Republican Speakers have been disastrous for America. Kevin McCarthy kicks that up a whole bunch of notches. As far as I can tell, Kevin’s the first Speaker who’s also a bona fide traitor! Repeat: Kevin McCarthy is a traitor! Hell – Kevin McCarthy is treason’s poster boy!

Kevin McCarthy should not be Speaker of the House – second in line to the presidency. And the people who should be screaming that from the rooftops – or, at least, from their broadcast booths – the news media.

Alas, our news media – as always – remains light years behind the curve on the biggest story any of them will ever cover.

Unfortunately for us, it’s also the same story we are living through.

The Trump Factor

You’d think a story about treason would inspire journalists to heights of greatness. Alas, Donald Trump befuddles them and always has. Look how long it took them to call him a liar even after he’d lied to them every day. Trump was openly criminal most of those days, too – at the very same time. This, too, now is slowly dawning on our news media. But, Trump couldn’t pull it off alone. Nearly the entire GOP still has his back. Especially Kevin McCarthy. This goes way beyond mere criminality. What’s bizarre is, the press reported it years ago!

“There’s Two People I Think Putin Pays…”

On June 25, 2016, Kevin McCarthy – a GOP leader – left a meeting where he learned that Russia was actively working to undermine Ukraine’s struggling democracy. From there, directly, he enters a meeting of GOP leaders. The first thing McCarthy says upon entering is:

There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump – swear to God!”

Kevin McCarthy to a roomful of fellow GOP leaders, June 25, 2016

No one in that room doubted McCarthy or his accusation. It stood unchallenged. Hell, McCarthy threw in the “Swear to God” because his accusation drew a bunch of nervous laughter. McCarthy hadn’t just said something absurd. He’d spoken a dirty secret out loud!

Then Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan asserted what passed (and still passes) for “leadership” in the GOP. He insisted they all keep this terrible secret a secret from the rest of us.

They knew – at the very least, they suspected – that their presidential nominee was corrupt and posed a massive national security threat if elected. He was a traitor to boot!

A month later, in July, the GOP made it official and nominated the guy Putin pays. The day after his nomination, Trump stepped to a mcirophone and brayed “Russia, if you’re listening…!” Everyone in the GOP’s leadership KNEW Russia WAS listening – to the intelligence asset they OWNED and controlled.

Our news media reported this story and then – except for a brief “I was kidding” explanation from McCarthy (the hell he was!) issued when the story dropped – never revisited it. It became, to them, part of the architecture. Doesn’t Putin pay ALL of our presidential nominees?

FFS!!! Does our news media not know how to aggregate a story?

Why do they think they have to re-set the meter every day back to “Square One”? Does “press neutrality” mean “press amorality”? It ain’t the same thing. Or has “both sides do it” brand journalism completely corrupted their sensibilities AND perspective? They themselves have reported it! Kevin McCarthy is a traitor!

Discount Machiavelli

Actually, Treason’s Poster Boy is the perfect Republican Speaker Of The House because he IS the perfect Republican. He’s a 99 Cent Store Machiavelli. His soulless pursuit of the Speaker job was always a story of power for power’s sake.

To his credit, McCarthy didn’t walk onto the political stage an idealogue. He hasn’t a thought in his head beyond getting power no matter how demeaning the process. But, that total weakness makes him exponentially more dangerous.

Here’s my prediction: McCarthy won’t be Speaker for a full term. He’ll lose his majority very quickly and the House will flip back to Democratic control. First to go? George Santos. He can say all he wants that nothing can make him quit the House. Let’s see what he says when he’s under indictment as he’s going to be for all sorts of election fraud. And let’s see what all those Republican members of Congress say when indictments fall on them “because insurrection”.

Kevin McCarthy Is A Traitor!

Talk is cheap. Legal defenses are stunningly expensive. Especially at the federal level. And, at this point, there are fewer GoFundMe dollars out there to pay legal fees. Throw in the criminals here aren’t sure yet who’s flipped and who hasn’t. All the good deals are gone already. Anyone trying to negotiate now won’t like the deals on offer. I hope they like prison dinner succotash – that’s what the deals on offer now taste like.

Bon appetite, Kevin!

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