New Year’s Day Is A Great Day To Recall: Kevin McCarthy Is A Traitor!

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy: he IS what a traitor looks like

Current GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy desperately wants to be Speaker Of The House. Even if somehow he manages to scrape together the votes, McCarthy won’t be Speaker for long. There are a thousand different inglorious ways for McCarthy’s speakership to crash and burn. And, quickly, too. That’s what happens when you’ re a traitor like Kevin McCarthy is.

Definition Of A Traitor

When I say McCarthy’s a traitor, I’m not just throwing the word around. McCarthy has been documented aiding and abetting a hostile foreign power bent on undermining our democracy. Make no mistake: we may not think we’re at war with Russia but Russia is absolutely at war with us.

Cyber war IS war. Anyone who thinks that “real war” requires bombs and bullets (and full on declarations of war) is going to lose every war they ever fight going forwards. If Russia could blow up our electric grid today, we’d have to sue for peace tomorrow as that quick cyber war’s loser.

We can point to a day when McCarthy and the Republican Party officially became traitors. June 25, 2016. A month before the GOP formally nominated Trump.

There’s Two People Putin Pays…

As reported almost a year later in the Washington Post by reporter Adam Entous, on that day – June 25 – McCarthy exited a meeting where he heard how Vladimir Putin was working to subvert Ukraine’s struggling, new democracy. He entered another meeting – of GOP leaders. Upon entering meeting #2, McCarthy said out loud (the meeting was recorded and the recording was played for reporter Entous): “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump – swear to God!”

Let’s not speed past this moment. One GOP leader has just told the rest that the man they’re about to nominate to be POTUS would pose a grave national security threat if elected. No one in the room contradicted McCarthy – or challenged him. Or questioned what he’d just said.

No one there said “Whaaaaaat? Kevin – dude – are you sure about this?” Instead, per Entous’s reporting, a few of those present laughed nervously. That’s why McCarthy threw in the “Swear to God”. He wanted everyone there to believe him – that he was telling them something true. “Swear to God!” said McCarthy.


The GOP will take over the House of Representatives two days from now. No one knows who’ll be running the GOP then; no one’s really certain who’s running it now. One thing is certain however: whether it’s Kevin McCarthy or some other Republican, the GOP will operate as traitors. And that’s because GOP Leader and Speaker Of The House wannabe Kevin McCarthy himself is a traitor.

McCarthy wasn’t the only traitor in the room. As no one said anything or called the FBI, that made everyone there a co-conspirator to commit treason – and therefor a traitor. It wasn’t an accident. Finally then Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan stepped forward to “lead”.

He ended the conversation right there, right then. They were not going to talk about it, he insisted. They were going to keep it a secret that their about-to-be nominee to be POTUS was compromised by Russian money and therefore posed a grave national security thread. “That’s how we know we’re family,” is how Ryan put it as he brought the meeting to order.

Kevin McCarthy is a traitor. Pure and simple. He’s the picture definition of “craven”.

America, we owe it to ourselves to fully investigate, charge, prosecute and punish Kevin McCarthy. If you’re into making New Year’s resolutions (I’m not alas), this one could be golden. Kevin McCarthy really is a traitor.

And we really do need to stop him in his treasonous tracks!

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