It’s Time Democrats Get Out Of Their Abusive Relationship

It sucks being in a co-dependent relationship. America needs to admit a terrible truth to itself: we are stuck in a long-term abusive relationship. Frankly, it’s making us crazy. We’re acting out in all sorts of dark ways. The data says that, mostly, it’s Republicans who are “acting out” – using violence instead words to make their points. They’ve become that person in a relationship who’s never faithful to the relationship. Either they’re cheating or they’re thinking of cheating. They’re threatening violence or they’re actively being violent. Bottom line: at all times, they are abusers being abusive. It’s time we end this abusive relationship.

Fact is, our Republican pals never really bought into “the democracy thing”. Oh, sure, they loved democracy when it was all white guys winning elections and making all the rules. They love “All men are created equal” when “All men” means ONLY men and the “all” means only white, Christian, land-owning men like them. But, how can “all men be equal” if some of them are enslaved? America remains a great idea poorly executed because one group dominated early and did everything in its power to keep America’s true greatness grounded.

“E Pluribus Unum” is really the key to America’s greatness. From many, one. That’s the diverse nations of the world coming together to form a new, unique nation composed of all those other nations. America remains a magnificent idea. Democracy is the only way to tap into it. But, in order to pull off democracy here in America, we need everyone to be on the same page. It does a democracy no good to vote itself out of existence. There may not ever be a chance for democracy to vote itself back into being.

Democrats want one thing. Republicans want something else entirely. Democrats want actual democracy. Republicans want to kill democracy dead. It’s understandable. Fewer and fewer Americans will vote for the America Republicans want. Or, the America Republicans want to impose on the rest of us: their America. The one from the past when white people ran the show.

It’s time we vote ourselves out of this relationship. We need to make ourselves clearer than clear. We will no longer tolerate the abuse or the abuser. Sorry, Republicans (not sorry, really), but it’s time We The People end this abusive relationship with you.

So – take your records and your crap and your little toy soldiers and your dirty laundry and your sexual peccadilloes and go the hell away. Progressives do need another voice in the mix – one that isn’t progressive and isn’t moderate. And there are conservatives to fill that void. But they can’t ever call themselves “Republicans” or align with the GOP of old.

That would be like starting up the old, abusive relationship all over again. Sorry, Republicans. Been there, done that (nearly to death). As the Who sing: “We won’t get fooled again”.

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