Kevin McCarthy Can’t Be Speaker Of The House Cos He’s A TRAITOR!

Kevin McCarthy as Speaker Of The House? That’s Absurd – He’s a TRAITOR!

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy wants to replace Nancy Pelosi as next Speaker of the House. On the one hand, it’s nice that incompetent, talentless toads like Kevin aspire to big things. On the other, that’s absurd. A cynical, power-mad traitor like Kevin has no business being second in line to the American presidency because Kevin McCarthy is a traitor.

Donald Trump owns Kevin McCarthy body and soul (and Vladimir Putin owns Trump). We don’t know for sure yet when Trump took possession of Kevin, but we do know when Kevin formally came out as a Trumpist. June 25, 2016.

There’s Two People Putin Pays…

On that hot day in DC – a month before the GOP formally nominated Trump – Kevin McCarthy exited a meeting about Vladimir Putin’s attempts to meddle in Ukraine and undermine its fledgling democracy. From there, he went to a meeting of GOP leaders not far away. Kevin had heard something terrible at the Ukraine meeting and needed to get it off his chest as he entered the room!

Unsolicited, Kevin said: “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump – swear to God!”

Journalist Adam Entous reported all of this in the Washington Post on May 17, 2017 nearly a year after the events described. Someone at the meeting recorded it – and they played the recording for (then) Post reporter Adam Entous. Kevin’s accusation is shocking. But, even more shocking? What happened next…

Keeping Secrets

Not a single person in the room replied “Wha-a-a-a-a-t? Kevin, dude, are you sure about that?”

No one demanded to know why Kevin would say such a thing about the man they were about to nominate to be POTUS.

Instead, several of those present laughed nervously. That’s why Kevin threw in “Swear to God!” He didn’t want anyone there to doubt him or his sincerity. And, no one did! Everyone there believed Kevin – that “Putin pays Rohrbacher and Trump”.

(Then) Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan believed it so much that he stepped forward and – his version of “leadership” – insisted they keep this terrible information a secret between themselves. “That’s how we know we’re family,” Ryan said. Would that be a mafia family?

Had Kevin merely walked into the room – and said what he said, it would be bad. Putin pays Trump. That means Putin has compromised Trump and we must be intensely suspicious of anything involving Trump and Putin because Putin pays him! Why did Kevin think that? And what did he hope or expect his fellow GOP leaders to do with this information? Did he expect them to keep it a secret?

Did Kevin expect anyone there to call the FBI? That’s what they should have done. It was the very last thing on anyone’s mind.

A month later, the GOP formally nominated Trump. The Republican Party’s leadership watched it happen. They gave speeches supporting it, all while knowing that “President Trump” would pose a grave national security threat. On the day after his nomination, Trump got up on his hind legs and brayed “Hey, Russia, if you’re listening…!”

Kevin McCarthy and the Republican Party’s leadership knew damned well that Putin was listening to Trump because Putin was paying Trump. Did anyone in the GOP say a word? No. They kept it a secret. Like spies.

Or traitors.

For a few moments after the WaPo published Entous’s piece, reporters sought out Kevin for comment. Kevin gave the GOP’s standard reply: “I was joking”.

No, Kevin wasn’t. He still isn’t. For the record, you have to have a sense of humor in order to make jokes. You must be able to laugh at yourself in order to have a sense of humor. Republicans notoriously can’t laugh at themselves. They’re very good at laughing at others. But that only means they’re bullies. In retrospect, “I was joking” sounds even more bullshitty. For sure, this photo screams “Kevin McCarthy was right: PUTIN PAYS TRUMP!”

Kevin McCarthy (on June 25, 2016): “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump – swear to God!”

The whole idea that Republicans want to govern America is rubbish! They have no desire to govern but every desire to rule. Kevin McCarthy might be the last Speaker of the House ever. Oh, there’ll be people with that title, but it won’t be the same because American democracy will be history.

And American democracy will be history because Kevin McCarthy is a traitor.

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