The GOP Are Criminals With A Political Agenda

Donald Trump, Mob Boss

Remember back when the Republican Party was a right wing political PARTY and not a terrorist organization beholden to a traitor (and probably a hostile foreign government)? The GOP knew Donald Trump was an out-and-out traitor before they even nominated him. Hell, the bastards said so – out loud! At the very, very least, they all agreed to keep it secret between themselves that “President Trump” would pose a grave threat to America’s national security. From that moment forward (it was actually much earlier), the Republican Party stopped being one of America’s two dominant political parties and became a terrorist organization determined to end American democracy. This isn’t their political opinion, it’s their mission. And it was never on the ballot. Cos it’s illegal. The GOP are criminals with a political agenda.

Both Sides DON’T Do It

It’s been a generation at least since the GOP was a political party in the same way the Democrats are a political party. The Democrats keep playing by the rules while the Republicans keep finding ways to circumvent them. Respect the rule of law. That’s one thing both sides don’t “do”.

Let’s be clear about who and what America’s two main political parties really are. The GOP hasn’t been “The Party Of Lincoln” since Eisenhower was POTUS. Not since Ulysses Grant probably. Teddy Roosevelt wouldn’t be caught dead in the current GOP – even being dead. The Republican Party’s founding principles match those of the modern Democratic Party far, far more than they do the current GOP’s. Historian Heather Cox Richardson wrote a terrific history of how that happened – “To Make Men Free: A History Of The Republican Party”.

Republicans are now old, white money plus the most recent useful idiots they’ve bamboozled. That old, white money – call it Koch Dollars – cannot imagine an America where “E Pluribus Unum” rules. Diversity – though it is what makes America exceptional – scares the living crap out of them. They won’t have it! And they will spend whatever it takes to deny the majority of Americans the democracy for which they voted. You know – like criminals with a political agenda.

And, if that means destroying American democracy forever? So be it. That’s the Republican Brand. How that happen? Easy…

How The G-O-P Became The M-O-B

As the “Reagan Revolution” waned, the right wing money saw demographic oblivion coming at it. America was diversifying far more quickly than they’d imagined. And those new, diverse Americans were seeking political power to match their numbers. Imagine – diverse Americans wanted people more like them to represent them.

The Koch Brothers – now just Charles – rely on dark money like theirs to steer America where they want it to go. To that end, the Koch’s have spent a bomb trying to make voting harder for more Americans. That’s something both sides definitely don’t do. Before Trump was even a Republican side show, the Kochs had tasked Mitch McConnell with a job: hijack the American judiciary.

Bill Clinton’s presidency demonstrated that Democrats could be just as realistic and cynical as Republicans. That’s what Republicans hate most about the Clintons. They have no qualms about playing Republican rules and tactics back onto Republicans.

Originalism Is Bullshit

The Right Wing money has one interest and one interest only: holding onto political power at all costs. Nothing else matters. It’s like originalism. The whole point of originalism is to legitimize bullshit. Originalists – like Tony Scalia – insist America can only ever be an 18th century country because that’s when our founders founded us. Every bit of evolution into a modern nation should have stopped right there! Oy… talk about horse shit!

The point of originalism – aside from justifying racism – bond America to its white founders’ whiteness. Ignore the fact that “E Pluribus Unum” is both our motto and our Great Seal. James Madison was one of our “originals”, but he wasn’t so stupid as to think white guys and their money would make America great. Diversity has always been America’s secret sauce.

America is a nation of nations. The Republican Party would have it otherwise. They want us to be a nation where they all get services from the rest of us. And we pay them for the privilege.

Criminal With A Political Agenda-In-Chief

Trump stole top secret information. He took it to his house and then let all the spies in. I hope that Merrick Garland, having pursued this case like a RICO, has quietly been working his way upward, constantly flipping and turning reluctant MAGATS. Surely, the Attorney General won’t allow internal rules about avoiding politicization to suspend their prosecutions in any way. It would be stupid as hell to accommodate political actors who are hellbent on destroying our politics.

It’s not up for discussion: Trump didn’t win shit in 2020. But for Russia, he would never have “won” in 2020. Even then, he lost the popular vote by millions of votes – and then millions of votes more in 2020. The Republicans have known all along that Trump was corrupt and they’ve collaborated to obstruct justice for both Trump and themselves.

A political party? Yeah, sure – in a backwater, third rate banana republic that all the other banana republics laugh at. That’s the America Republicans dream about. That country will be so corrupt, Republicans could “govern” it in their sleep. But then, that’s how Republicans always govern.

Like the GOP criminals with a political agenda they’ve always been.

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