Judge Aileen Cannon Makes Mitch McConnell Smile

Few things make Treason Turtle Mitch McConnell smile like the thought of corruption.

When history finally judges us and this particular patch of time, Mitch McConnell will be of our uber villains. Mitch personally destroyed our government’s judicial branch – an act of total betrayal. I bet “Mitch McConnell’s” name will replace “Benedict Arnold’s” as the epithet Americans use when they want to call someone a “traitor”.

Make no mistake: McConnell is a villain for the ages. He may not be as flamboyantly villainous as Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis, but McConnell’s a top tier villain nonetheless. As Reaganism waned during the Clinton years, the Right Wing Money assessed its future. They saw demographic annihilation ahead. Diversity was speeding up while white reproduction was slowing down. That stamped a “use by” date on white hegemony. The Right Wing Money – the Kochs, the Mercers – tasked Mitch McConnell with hijacking the judiciary. That absolutely happened. The proof? look at how Judge Aileen Cannon makes Mitch McConnell smile.

Trump put the GOP in a hard spot. To this day, they hate him. But, Republicans are cynical first and foremost. Their goal is permanent minority rule. And unlimited power doesn’t just “seize itself”. People with integrity fear losing it. Having never had integrity, Republicans walk around unencumbered by it. But, that doesn’t mean they won’t bump into walls and sharp edges.

Republicans assume they will get away with things. Recent history won’t dissuade them. But, once indictments begin thudding into actual Republican officeholders, their thinking will change. It will have to. Once indictments begin dropping, they might never stop. Donald Trump and his Republican co-conspirators didn’t commit just one crime all neat and tidy. They’ve assaulted our democracy like Huns toppling the Rome.

Republicans plotted for fifty years to blow up Roe. Now that Roe lies in ruins, the Republicans are just beginning to grasp how self-destructive achieving this goal will be. It’s a minority position, hated by the majority. It’s so hated by so many Americans, in fact, that it’s motivating them to do something they’ve rarely done before: vote.

Mitch McConnell is a soulless treason turtle who’s never had any interest in democracy. As weak as his chin is, Mitch is strong when it comes to corruption. Strong in making corruption happen. He’s proud to have denied President Obama – and the majority of Americans who elected him – the judgeships that came the territory.

Mitch stole at least two SCOTUS seats that belonged to Democrats – Merrick Garland’s went to Neil Gorsuch. Amy Cornett Barrett commandeered hers on Trump’s way out the door. Justice has no place here. Nor does any semblance of the rule of law. As with Judge Aileen Cannon, that makes Mitch McConnell smile.

We need to remind ourselves that Mitch knows everything. When current GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy entered a meeting of GOP leaders on June 25, 2016 (a month before the Republicans officially nominated Trump), he insisted that Putin had compromised Trump. That didn’t scare the Republicans into pulling their nomination of this national security threat, quite the contrary. It motivated them to hasten getting it over the finish line.

We The People can undo a lot of what Mitch did. All it requires is that we do it. We owe it to ourselves and the republic to put Mitch McConnell front and center – to make him confess everything he’s done across all this time. Mitch may cry while he’s doing it – just like he’ll cry every night into his prison dinner succotash but that doesn’t mean much. Mitch cries, above all, for himself.

Every time Judge Aileen Cannon starts typing, America braces itself for another assault on logic. Good thing we’ve got ourselves braced and ready for action.

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