Dear American News Media: Not Every Point Of View Has A “Point”

Opinions. Everybody’s got one. But, not all opinions are created equal. Not every point of view has a point. For instance – a not-very-bright ten year old’s opinion about world affairs (or a libertarian’s) will likely lack nuance. Same as a Republican’s. Our news media has decided it can’t judge anyone’s opinion – no matter what – and remain “good journalists”. If that ten year old has an opinion about Vlad Putin, it’s just as good as Joe Biden’s. Our “both-sides-do-it” embracing press refuses to insert itself – or express itself as anything other than a messenger boy giving both sides “equal time”. They assume that both sides deserve equal time because both sides – regardless of how baseless their points of view – are making legitimate points.

That is a specious argument from the ground up.

Arguments based on feelings and arguments based on facts are very different things. The abortion debate is a perfect example. The Catholic Church has always vaguely opposed abortion but not because they care about babies. Hell, the Church won’t read an aborted fetus last rites – because it never breathed outside it’s mother (you know – like a separate entity, different from the mother). The Church cares less about a baby’s life than it does its own justifications. The Church needs its followers to see the Church as the stand-in for God. This isn’t about saving life, it’s about exercising political power.

Let’s remove the politics. Let’s make it about a car thief. He wants to steal your car. You don’t want him to do that. Both you and the thief have recognizable points of view. But the thief’s point of view represents criminal intent. Is there a “point” to that? Does his point have the same “weight” as mine? The same moral standing?

The problem with giving equal weight to every point of view, sight unseen, is that it gives credence to utter bullshit. To this very day, our news media gives credence to Donald Trump (and everything he spews).

They quote Trump like he was speaking great words. FFS, He’s Donald Trump! Great words will be the last thing to ooze from the man’s bloated, orange lie hole. That doesn’t mean confessions won’t ooze from the pile, too.

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