Why Right Wing Talk Is Cheap

When buying books by Republicans, let the buyer beware! Even a bargain isn’t a bargain.

Boy, the right wing makes a ton of noise, don’t they? They love getting up on their hind legs and spewing. The words being spewed don’t matter. It’s word salad that’s been through the garbage disposal. Alas, our undiscerning news media (undiscerning because they think “both sides do it”) makes zero distinction between facts and feelings. So, a Democrat talking policy nuts and bolts is the exact same as a Republican trumpeting murderous vitriol about The Big Lie. From a qualitative perspective, right wing talk is cheap. But, that’s not the only reason why right wing talk is cheap.

Lindsey Graham: Cheap Talk & Treason

Yesterday, SENATOR Lindsey Graham said that there’d be riots in the streets if the Department of Justice prosecuted Donald Trump. In other words, applying the rule of law to a man who violated it (and still violates it) willfully is cause for more insurrection, not prosecution. That’s weird! Lindsey swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Hell, before he was a Senator, Lindsey was a military JAG. He knows how the Law works, having prosecuted it. Lindsey knows how angry mobs work, too. What a strange thing for a sitting Senator with a military background to want!

No one epitomizes Trumpism and its corruption quite like Lindsey Graham. Lindsey went from insisting Trump was a kook who’d take down the entire Republican Party if elected to uber-sycophant in less than a heartbeat. Trump himself pointed us toward his office safe when he bitched about the FBI opening it. Plenty of smart people have wondered aloud if the FBI hadn’t gotten ahold of Trump’s blackmail folder.

Defending Trumpism For Cheap

That would explain Trump’s crack legal team demanding that a Special Master decide what files the FBI can have and which it can’t see. The only thing a Special Master would separate out are “attorney-client privilege” related documents. Everything else will be fair game. Not that it matters, the DoJ already knows all about it.

Donald Trump got the Republican Party to pay his legal bills up till now. Dark right wing money has paid for many of the January 6 insurrectionists’ legal bills. A few have set up GoFundMe pages to pay the freight. So far, the DoJ has charged more than 900 people with crimes relating to the January 6 insurrection. 376 people have already pleaded guilty. As the DoJ continues to prosecute, that number will begin to skyrocket.

The 376 are realists. Betcha every one of them that could, flipped and told the FBI and the DoJ everything they knew. Here’s a question: before they flipped, how many of those insurrectionists relied on other people paying their legal bills? In practical terms, insurrectionists wasted every dollar spent on them. They were guilty!

Money And Legal Defense

Now, the way our system works, everyone’s entitled to a defense. But, the way our system also works is “more money equals better defense”. No money equals no defense. That will become the operating principle for all Trumpanistas.

Lindsey Graham, Terrorist.

It’s all well and good for Lindsey Graham to threaten the rest of America with mob violence because the mobster who owns him told him to. And it’s easy to join the circle jerk on social media. It’s easy for mobs to mob up. Prior to January 6, it was easy, too, to trigger angry right wing mobs to violent action. But, then the prosecutions began. The legal bills followed. They make hospital bills look sane and rational.

Angry white men may be willfully stupid but they aren’t dumb. Put a dent in their wallet – foreclose on their house or bankrupt them – and they’ll react. There’s no magic. Why right wing talk is soooooo damned cheap? The answer is: at the end of the day, because billable hourse are soooooooooooo damned expensive.

so – there we have it: why right wing talk is soooooo damned cheap. Because billable hours are soooooo damned expensive.

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