The GOP Has Become America’s Worst Case Scenario

Donald Trump And The GOP – America’s Worst Case Scenario

Sometimes, we have to assure ourselves we’re awake and not dreaming. Yes, the Republican Party really is doing what it’s doing. It’s natural for partisans to always see the worst case scenario sitting on their opposition’s shoulder. If the other guy wins? Welcome to the worst case scenario. To conservatives, that’s socialism. So, all Democrats are socialists. Never mind that the conservative calling the socialist names is an outright fascist. Fascism – that thing Republicans now stand with – is like getting royalty back to run things except without the Magna Carta to keep them in line. Every last bit of left wing hyperbole turned out NOT to be hyperbole. Republicans really are fascists. They really do want to end our democracy (they even say so out loud!) The GOP really has become America’s worst case scenario.

Retail politics is about winning elections. The Democrats (being old-fashioned and honest) think they can do that by pitching Americans better ideas than the GOP’s pitching. If enough people like their ideas, they’ll vote Democratic and authorize Democrats to make those ideas a reality. The Republicans, by contrast, can’t sell their ideas to Americans because the majority of Americans don’t want what Republicans are selling: fascism. That’s why Republicans no longer rely on ideas to win elections. No one wants their ideas. That’s why Republicans now rely on gerrymandering, voter suppression and deceit to tank America’s democracy forever.

Whither The Conservative Voices?

This progressive appreciates that though I dislike conservative politics I don’t dislike most conservatives themselves. The Trumpanistas? They deserve to be prosecuted into oblivion. But, a successful, prosperous America will need a conservative voice in its power mix.

But that voice can never call itself “The Republican Party” or the “GOP” ever again. Those two entities have permanently branded themselves as corrupt, criminal and treasonous. Whatever conservative element survives the legal process to come – and a lot of conservatives are going to end up doing hard time alongside Trump – the last thing on earth they should do is continue calling themselves “Republicans”.

Far be it from me to suggest what conservatives should call themselves (though I do have a few suggestions). Hey, ya suppose “America’s-Worst-Case-Scenario-dot-com” is available? If it is, the GOP should grab it quick.

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