Trump Was A National Security Threat Before He Even Started

Donald Trump: National Security Threat. All that’s missing is the rubber ball and riding crop.

The search warrants revealed today tell us that Donald Trump is under investigation for violating the Espionage Act. In other words, Donald Trump is a national security threat. This is nothing new. Trump was a national security threat every day he access to the nuclear codes. He was a threat every time he spoke directly with Vladimir Putin. But the leadership of the Republican Party knew even before they nominated Trump to be their candidate in 2016 that a “President Trump” automatically was a national security threat the instant he took his oath of office.

At long last the nation as a whole is staring forthrightly at Trump’s brazen criminality. He took things from the White House that he knew he could not take. He took every last one of them with purpose. I don’t mean the knickknacks. I mean the documents so top secret we can’t even know what they’re about. Merrick Garland has (we’re relieved to learn finally) been running “silent but deep”. If we set aside all the other legal action lining up against Trump and focus on what this one set of charges will probably produce? Trump might as well tell the US Bureau of Prisons his sizes. They will be outfitting him in orange very soon.

Ground Zero For Treason

On June 25, 2016, the Washington Post’s Adam Entous reported in April 2017, current GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy left a meeting about Putin trying to pervert Ukraine’s burgeoning democracy and entered a meeting of GOP leaders. The meeting was recorded. Entous heard the recording and based his reporting on it. As he walked in the door, Kevin said “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump – swear to God!”

There was laughter – nervous laughter. It wasn’t laughter because Kevin had just made a joke. It was laughter because Kevin had just said something everyone present wished he hadn’t. Were there protestations? No. And no one said “Whaaaaaat? Kevin – dude – are you sure about that? Ya know, we’re just about to nominate that guy to be POTUS!”

At that moment, then Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan asserted what would pass for “Republican leadership”. Entous reported: “Ryan instructed his Republican lieutenants to keep the conversation private, saying: ‘No leaks. . . . This is how we know we’re a real family here’.” A mob family perhaps…

See Something, Say SOMEthing!

A month later – despite suspecting that their nominee was paid by a hostile foreign government – these same traitors stood by and watched their party nominate Trump. And THEN those treasonous pirates watched Trump – now newly nominated – say “Hey, Russia, if you’re listening…!” while KNOWING full well that, yes, Vladimir Putin WAS listening.

That is treason. And every single day that Trump was POTUS, he committed more treason. And everyone who knew – or even suspected – had an obligation to do something or say something. That’s how the rule of law works. “See something, SAY something.” Makes sense. But, “see something, say NOTHING?” Hmmmmmm… we need to know why? Why did you say nothing after seeing someone betray us?

The Call’s Coming FROM The WH

Treason starts at home. Our traitor lived in the White House and called himself president. A few of us have seen Trump’s Russia connection all along. We’ve marveled at the news media’s inability to connect dots they’ve already connected! Seriously, have any journalists ever gone back and read Entous’s piece? If they did, I’m sure they’d want to ask Kevin McCarthy a few questions like “What did you mean by ‘Putin pays Trump’, Kevin?” Or “Why did the Republican leadership agree to keep it a secret that they suspected Trump was a national security threat”

As we stare at the charges that the DoJ is now leveling at Trump? It sure woulda been great had our news media kept track of their own reporting and pointed out: Donald Trump was a national security threat before he even started.

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  1. Unfortunately, A.L., the Army of the Willfully Ignorant continue to stare blankly when confronted with this information. Who didn’t know he was a national security risk, more than likely a traitor, when he was first elected? He had been trying to get a tower built in Moscow for years, he even offered Putin the penthouse suite free of charge? Also, why did he dismiss the notetaker and any other witnesses to their meeting in Helsinki? Lastly, what was he going to do with top secret nuclear docs at his residence?

    Anyone care to take guess?

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