Karma Comes Calling For Mitch McConnell

“Hey, Mitch!” says Karma, “Hold the elevator, dude!”

You might have missed it. The shift was subtle. Karma’s come for Mitch McConnell. When President Biden signs the “Inflation Reduction Act” into law, the majority of Americans will have cause to celebrate. Republicans will, too. They just won’t admit it. The climate doesn’t care about anyone’s politics. The person who’ll celebrate least is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The news media always credits Mitch with being among the wiliest politicians ever. They’re not wrong. Mitch McConnell is a master politician. He’s also a scumbag. And a racist who’s corrupt down to his mitochondria. Mitch, more than anyone, can take credit for turning the Supreme Court into a wing of the GOP.

Karma And Treachery

One could blog forever on Mitch McTreasonTurtle’s treachery. Like every other Republican leader, Mitch knew Russia owned Trump even before the GOP nominated Trump in 2016. The Republican leadership knew a “President Trump” posed a grave national security threat but nominated him anyway. They knew Russia owned Trump when Trump brayed “Hey, Russia, if you’re listening…!”

Mitch knew Russia owned Trump when, in October 2016, he attended a meeting at the White House.

“Politicizing The Intelligence…!”

There, then President Barack Obama gave our intelligence community the floor. The IC told the “gang of eight” (the four Democratic and Republican leaders from the House and Senate) that they had significant concerns (based on info they had) that Russia was actively engaged in throwing the 2016 election to Trump. President Obama wanted to tell the nation that this was happening – that our free and fair election was under attack.

Mitch McConnell refused President Obama’s request. Instead, Mitch warned Obama: if he dared tell America the truth, he (Mitch) would tell America that Obama was “politicizing the intelligence”. That wasn’t true. Mitch knew “Putin pays Trump” and that Russia WAS attempting to alter the election’s outcome in Trump’s favor.

Karma Comes For Mitch

The end comes… Mitch dies and finds himself reincarnated as “Mitch McConnell:  Toilet Brush” —

A Toilet Brush or Mitch
Step One: Mitch McConnell reincarnates as a white toilet brush.

Poor Mitch. What a come down! It gets worse… ‘MITCH THE WHITE TOILET BRUSH‘ lives HERE —

Step Two: Mitch gets to work cleaning the worst public toilet ever…

Mitch is the “Official Toilet Brush” for the most horrible public toilet in the whole wide world! Actually, he’s the only toilet brush available.

Bad Karma To Worse Karma

That’s gonna be a problem. Mitch’s toilet lives at a REFUGEE CAMP where CHOLERA just broke out!

Refugee Camp
Step Three: Yikes! Cholera!

And there’s already a LINE to use Mitch’s Toilet (and every last person in line has EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA) —

line of refugees 1
And that line goes on…


Line of Refugees 2
…and on…

And on…

It continues to get worse for Mitch. THIS creature’s waiting at the very end of that line. Boy, does he have to go!

Monster at end of line

For the record, that guy doesn’t make ‘dainty’ piles like THIS —


Nope. He produces an endless stream of foul-smelling, liquified poison as toxic as Mitch’s ‘soul’.

And just as Mitch sees how massive and unending that STREAM OF LIQUID SHIT IS

He wakes up — and realizes it was all in his head — IT WAS A TERRIBLE DAYDREAM! Huzzah!

That makes Mitch super happy! Koch dollars always make Mitch happy!

Happy Mitch

Mitch realizes that everything is back to normal. He turns to go about whatever corrupt thing he was doing. He reaches out TO SHAKE THE HAND of THIS MAN —

“Hey, Mitch,” says Donald, “I lead when we dance, not you!”

And Karma’s come for Mitch McConnell all over again! Hey, Karma: Three, two, one — GO!

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