When “Doing Nothing” IS The Crime

Donald Trump did nothing. That was the the January 6 Commission’s big reveal during its prime time hearing last night. Trump did “nothing” during the three plus hours that he sat in the White House dining room watching the armed mob he’d sent to the Congress go to the Congress and trash it. Exactly as he’d wanted the armed mob to do. Every single rioter understood Trump perfectly: try not to hurt the Capital Police (but, “oh well!” if you do) while on your way to murdering Pence, Pelosi and anyone else they could find. Here’s the caveat: Trump “doing nothing” during the insurrection was Trump committing a crime!

Last Night Hit A Note We Needed To Hear

The Commission brought the entire first movement of their “symphony of justice” to a magnificent close last night with a note as glorious and sonorous as the one at the climax of “Thus Spake Zarathustra” (think “2001: A Space Odyssey”).

That last note’s something, isn’t it?

That was what last night’s big reveal felt like. A statement of crystal clear clarity, utterly undeniable. Donald Trump was THE puppet master behind every last bit of the January 6 Insurrection. The final bit of proof is the fact that for three hours, as the riot ran rampant, Donald Trump did NOTHING. Or seemed to…

Appearances (Of Nothing) Are Deceiving

On the surface, the scene was a bloated orange tyrant sitting at the end of a long table watching TV – loving what’s on. To that end, most of our news media will tell you that “Donald Trump did nothing!” He sat or stood and watched TV for three critical hours. The problem is, Trump “doing nothing” during the insurrection was Trump committing a crime! The news media see only the surface where it only appears that Trump’s doing nothing. Under the surface?

That’s not because Trump’s guilty of dereliction of duty – he most certainly is. But, outside the military, that charge doesn’t mean anything. And Trump was doing something. He wasn’t turning a blind eye to the violence. He was doing his role in allowing it to continue unabated! Trump played multiple parts in this crime in addition to being its chief plotter and beneficiary. Each part required Trump to do different things to move the conspiracy forward from point A to point B.

Some of us put the starting point way back in 2016 when Russia put its subterfuge at Trump’s disposal. But for Russia, Trump would never have been president. Or, as current GOP Leader (and traitor) Kevin McCarthy put it, “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump – swear to God!” This crime – planning and overseeing the insurrection – is the continuation of that crime, the treason that made Trump POTUS in the first place.

“Doing Nothing” Is Code For “Committing Crime”

At some points in that crime (the one that made him president), Trump gave our secrets to people he knew were Russian intelligence assets. That required Trump to behave one way. You know – proud and boastful!

Trump shakes Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak’s hand after Kislyak shook down American Intelligence via Trump.

In the case of the Insurrection, Trump needed to incite an angry mob to violence, knowing only the small Capitol Police force would be at the Capitol to receive them. Count on the lack of defensive planning to be part of the larger plan. Trump politicized the Secret Service, turning it, for the most part, into his private army. He planned and wanted to march on the Capitol with the mob. And, if the mob hung Mike Pence as part of the festivities, so be it.

The insurrection Donald Trump was the puppetmaster behind every bit of the January 6 insurrection. He wasn’t an innocent bystander or the beneficiary of over-zealous fanboys who broke the law on his behalf. Trump needed to remain president. The presidency stands between Trump and a staggering amount of prosecution. Were it not for that silly DoJ rule about “not indicting a sitting POTUS”, this problem might have been solved eons ago.

Trump knows damned well he’s committed a host of crimes including treason. For the record, innocent people don’t work as hard as Trump does to obstruct or evade justice. I can’t think of another human being in history to whom we’ve given so much benefit of the doubt to and so undeservedly. Trump’s not complicated. He’s selfish, self-centered. greedy, sociopathic and corrupt down to his mitochondria. He’s a nation unto himself – and it’s the only nation he’s the least bit faithful to.

As he watched Fox News broadcast his insurrection in the White House dining room, Trump was busily working the phones (definitely not doing nothing). If he wasn’t arm twisting Republican Senators, he was talking treasonous strategy with Rudy G. Trump thought the mob would do its thing, the Secret Service would whisk Pence away, the rest of the Republican Senate would go along to get along with the plan and the transfer of power to Joe Biden would never happen.

A lot of people knew this plan existed. They knew it was operational and a going concern and yet did or said nothing. That’s the tip of a whole other iceberg. This crime scene is so big, it boggles the mind. It may have appeared to the uninformed that Trump was “doing nothing” except gleefully watching the insurrection on TV. In fact, he was actively working to keep it going. Trump “doing nothing” during the insurrection was Trump committing a crime.

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