Shameless Pitch-O-Rama: Have You Checked Out The “How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast”? You Should!

If you’ve made this blog part of your ongoing online experience, you know that from time to time I like to tell a few show biz stories. Before losing nearly two decades to writer’s block and depression (the good news – I bounced!), I wrote and produced some pretty iconic TV shows including HBO’s “Tales From The Crypt” and Showtime’s “The Outer Limits”. I knew when I was making “Tales From The Crypt” that it was a special experience – my executive producers were some of Hollywood’s heaviest hitters at the time: Joel Silver, Richard Donner, Bob Zemeckis, Walter Hill. And HBO charged Gil Adler (my creative partner at the time) and I with going after the biggest actors we could get (regardless of the fact that we paid SAG scale plus ten percent without exception) – which, surprisingly, really, worked! “Tales” being an anthology show – where every single episode was like a mini movie unto itself – was an unusual creative challenge. It required a particular group of creative people – from the writers to the designers to the directors to the editors to the composers to the sound mixers – to pull it off consistently from week to week.

To have been part of that? It was awesome at the time. In retrospect? It’s even more awesome. Which is why the story of that creative team’s undoing is compelling. It’s a story of lightning in a bottle – how it comes together and how it can be dissipated just like “that”!

And, the “How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast: The Making Of Bordello Of Blood” also stands as a timely object lesson in what can happens when you do things for all the wrong reasons. Spoiler alert – nothing good!

The podcast is a painfully honest – but genuinely funny – personal story of loss and then redemption. Ah, hell… now I’ve gone and given away the ending. Well, sort of. I knew as I started telling this story (interviewing many of the Crypt team including my former partner Gil) that telling it would be cathartic – for me. What became clear, as all of the Crypt team – Gil included – began to talk, was that literally every single one of us had been dying to talk about the soul destroying experience of making Bordello; every single one of us was craving catharsis!

I promise you this (and the reviews so far confirm it): you will hear things that will put your jaw on the floor. As crazy as you thought Hollywood was before? That ain’t nothin’! By the time you get to episode 3, you may never get your jaw off the floor. It really gets that crazy.

I’m not telling the Bordello story to get even with anyone. I have no axes to grind anymore. I got lucky. I got mentally healthy. As this blog describes, I suddenly saw how destructive my own bullshit had become. And I became even clearer on how pervasive bullshit is in our culture; bullshit is the final victory of feelings over facts.

In a world rich with great podcasts, I believe The “How NOT To Make A Movie Podcast: The Making Of Bordello Of Blood” is one em. Yeah, I’ll be that bold!

“The ‘How NOT To Make A Movie’ Podcast”

And the podcast is available everywhere you go to find your favorite podcasts! Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts!

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