Dear TV Talking Heads: Please Stop Saying “You Don’t Understand Trump”. You Absolutely DO!

Not a revelation: TV punditry overflows with nonsense. Literally. For four years of Trump kowtowing to Putin and the Republicans kowtowing to Trump, our news media and its chattering camp followers have scratched their heads hard enough to create divots every time they ask themselves “why” this is. Despite the plethora of publicly available material on Trump – much of it written either by the news media or its subsidiaries – America’s journalists remain oblivious of even Trump’s most egregious public sins. That makes it even more appalling that our news media can’t fathom Trump when all they’d have to do TO fathom him is read their own damned news copy!

The truth about who and what Trump is has always been out there! The same goes for the truth about Trump’s relationship with Putin.

Example: the Steele Dossier. It owes its entire existence to the fact that the Fusion GOPS – the company co-founded by former Wall Street Journal journalists – initially contracted former MI6 Russia desk guru Christopher Steele to investigate Trump’s relationship with Russian mobsters laundering money through his failing Atlantic City casinos because of the information they found in publicly available material. Fusion’s Glenn Simpson testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on August 22, 2017 (the Republican-run committee was trying desperately to undermine the integrity of Steele’s work product) that they found ample evidence of Trump’s criminal behavior while doing their due diligence before settling in to do the work they were hired to do.

What is Trump’s relationship with Russia and Putin? Our press has already reported on it! All they need to do is pick up a damned newspaper and actually read it!

Another example: The Washington Post reported in 2017 about a recorded conversation from 2016. Post reporter Adam Entous personally heard (and wrote about) the moment on June 25, 2016 when current GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy strode into a meeting of Republican leaders and announced “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump – swear to God!” Entous reported that, rather than react with surprise or even revulsion at the news, the Republican leadership instead agreed to keep this terrible secret a secret. Imagine! The leadership of one of America’s two political parties learns a secret about their presidential nominee – that he’s beholden to one of our most persistent enemies – and yet chooses to nominate him regardless.

There’s nothing hard to understand here. The dots connect! The Republicans have known all along who Trump is. They’ve gone along with him – and with Russia who they themselves acknowledge OWNS Trump – for their own deeply cynical reasons.

Every time a TV talking head shrugs and insists they can’t make any sense of Trump – or Putin – either they’re lying or they’re amazingly stupid. But then, it could be both!

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