The ONLY Reason Donald Trump’s “Running For POTUS In 2024 Is Because “MONEY”

It boggles our already overly-boggled minds that Donald Trump remains part of our national conversation. Hey, didn’t that bloated orange rapist LOSE the last election? In point of fact, Trump lost both elections he ran in. You can’t cheat by teaming with Russia to win in any way, shape or form you can and then claim that you “won” legitimately. Those two things are mutually exclusive propositions. Trump never expected to win in 2016 (and was shocked that he didn’t “win” in 2020 by “other means” including insurrection). Becoming POTUS was never the point going in — not for Trump. Making a lot of money was the point. The GOP hitched their treason wagon to Trump’s because, well, by the time the Republican Party nominated Trump in 2016, they were already deep into having committed treason.

Fact: on June 25, 2016, current GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy walked into a meeting of GOP leaders and said — upon entering (it was recorded and the recording played for Washington Post Reporter Adam Entous) — “There’s two people I think Putin pays – Rohrbacher and Trump – swear to God!” An American president on a foreign payroll? Here on Planet Earth, that should have set off alarm bells and raised every red flag available for the GOP. It didn’t even raise red flags in the room. No one contradicted McCarthy. No one challenged him even. No one doubted it. In fact, not only was Trump’s corruption common knowledge, it was so well known or suspected that it made the room uncomfortable. There was nervous laughter – which was what prompted McCarthy’s “Swear to God!” Kevin believed Trump was compromised. He wanted everyone else there to know what he knew if they didn’t already.

“Putin pays Trump”. That’s the beginning and the end of the whole story. Because Trump is such a greedy scumbag, he draws zero distinction between legitimate and illegitimate ways to make money. Legal? Illegal? These are technicalities at best. For criminals like Trump, the real question is always “getting caught” versus “getting away with it” and since guys like Trump always get away with it? They view getting caught as a bridge they’ll blow up later. That explains Trump. It also explains the GOP. This is not a complicated story (despite all its moving parts). This is about the Republican Party, facing demographic obliteration because of increasing diversification across America, choosing to collaborate with Russia in order to deny American voters THEIR choice for America’s future.

By the time the GOP committed to merging their goals with Trump’s (they want permanent minority rule), Russia had already flooded them with cash and kompromat. So long as the Trump-Russia partnership was producing good results like tax breaks for the rich? The Republican Party had no issue whatsoever. Treason was profitable! But the second the Democrats took the House in 2018, their reinstatement of real oversight began to unravel everything that Trump and his co-conspirators to commit election fraud, obstruction of justice and treason had wrought. Why are Republicans so loyal to Trump? Because they’re all traitors! Not hyperbolic traitors, real, honest-go-goodness traitors!

Donald Trump has no loyalty to anyone other than Donald Trump. The only loyalty he feels toward Putin is the loyalty anyone might feel while their testicles are being held tightly by someone else – who keeps threatening to crush them. Trump knows that the second these facts begin to fall to earth – no longer speculation but verifiable – he will be done. Even Trump won’t get away with how utterly he’s betrayed America. Once Trump’s co-conspirators begin turning on each other — as some already are? It won’t stop until they’ve pretty much ratted out the whole stinking enterprise.

All the time Trump was POTUS, he was “protected” by that bullshit Department of Justice rule (not a law, a RULE) that said a sitting POTUS could not be indicted. Trump craves that protection again. He needs it if he’s going to survive what’s about to happen. Even if Merrick Garland came a crapper and never indicted Trump for anything, there’s still a strong likelihood that Georgia will indict Trump for election interference and New York will indict him for tax fraud. Once those trials begin – once the dirt begins to explode into the light – it will cause the floodgates to open wide. We will be inundated with even more Trumpian awfulness.

And, meanwhile, Trump will continue to rake in the cash because he’s a potential nominee running for POTUS in 2024. Trump has no desire to be “president” again. He has every desire to get away with every crime he’s committed. He desperately wants to keep the cash flow flowing from the rubes and suckers who think he’s God. If Trump was any kind of a businessman, he’d pour his efforts into his businesses. But that was never how it worked at TrumpCo. Trump can’t count on his businesses to keep him and his crime family afloat, he needs suckers. He needs an active presidential campaign to legitimize his illegitimate behavior.

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  1. “he draws zero distinction between legitimate and illegitimate ways to make money.”
    Why would he? He’s exceptionally great and milking fools and then losing all of it by trying to think. He needs to fade back or just get arrested. I’m tired of the Trump nonsense. He never even thought about this country, the people in it, or how to better it. He just waddled his way to a golf cart and hoped his hair didn’t blow away. That was his entire 4 years. Golf, golf carts, waddling, bad hair, lies, cheating, politicizing health crises, and convincing normal people act like crazed morons. Offering to pay for people’s defense teams when they beat the hell out of people (which he NEVER did), inciting a riot to overthrow the government, calling atrocious names to get out of answering simple questions, accepting money from a foreign country, promoting himself and his brood of flaccid and vacuous relations. Just…ugh. When will it end?

    • I agree completely! When will it end? When (if) we prosecute the crap out of not just Trump but each and every person (Republican or otherwise) who in any way enabled this criminal monstrosity to do what it did. The only way to stop it happening now – and in the future – is put all the perps behind bars and make them poor.

      • Yes, but always remember, there’s always someone willing to step up and take the place that’s been left behind.

        There was a great Twilight Zone back in the day with Dennis Hopper. I can’t remember the name of it, but I think he was in only one. It relates.

        And so we get rid of the Orange Bloviated Die Hard. England’s got one who is slightly more human colored. Many countries do. It’s… the worst humanity has to offer, up on offer.

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