The SCOTUS Should Look Like America, Not Just Repressive, White, Christian Men And Their Handmaiden

Fact: the Republican Party is, as we speak, hijacking the judiciary. What began as Mitch McConnell’s secret mission — begun the day Barack Obama became POTUS — became clear the day Trump assumed the office he stole as Mitch began filling the federal bench with lifetime appointments — each and every one a right wing hack put there to carry out a very specific right wing agenda — the majority of America (not right wing) be damned. By hijacking the judiciary, McConnell and the Right Wing Money (the Kochs, the Mercers, etc) hope to stave off the political extinction rushing toward them.

Hey, Mitch — no, it won’t. In fact, this coup d’etat will have hastened not only your extinction but the end of your freedom, too. You will all end up in prison. That’s not political revenge — and you know it. It’s the rule of law reasserting itself. It’s oversight. It’s the Constitution. It’s Justice (with a capital “J”). And, by the way — all those judges you shoved down our throats? By the time we’re finished, every last one of them will be gone one way or another. Most (Brett Kavanaugh especially) will have to answer for committing perjury during their confirmation hearings. As Brett Kavanaugh did repeatedly.

The whole gambit will die right there, Mitch. Your six-to-three majority will shrink to a five to four again. But that won’t matter after the Democrats — having the Senate now and even more of the House under their control (and with the Progressive crazies running rampant!) — increase the SCOTUS to 15 or 17 seats so that it better represents a diverse America and not just a coterie of rich, white, Christian men. And their brand new literal handmaiden Amy Coney Barrett.

Will the Democrats pack the bench? You better believe it. But then, the Democrats won’t do it like pigs at a trough — like Republicans. Remember Merrick Garland — Obama’s nominee in an election year? The whole thing about Garland was his moderation. He was chosen as a reasonable reach-across-the-aisle to the GOP, someone whose moderation even they could embrace. Except Mitch McConnell had a hijacking on his mind. He even said so.

Mitch’s whole Life’s Work was seizing the judiciary for his monied overlords. As he rots in prison (and we should do everything we can to keep Mitch alive for as long as possible), Mitch will watch that Life’s Work get razed — right alongside that Russian aluminum factory he got in exchange for lifting the sanctions on Oleg Deripaska — who, in 2016, received the proprietary polling data for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (from Paul Manafort) that turned into a three-state, 77,000 combined electoral college “win”. Mitch isn’t just a traitor, he’s an uber traitor.

His name will replace Benedict Arnold’s as the epithet Americans use when they want to call someone a “traitor”.

Ah, but that’s not even the best part!

The whole point of Mitch’s gambit — stealing the judiciary for his RW Monied Overlords — was to create a state of permanent minority rule instead of the far more socialized America a diversifying population in an increasingly complex world would push it toward being. The right wants to kill Obamacare because it’s the first step toward “socialized medicine”. THAT’S what scares the right more than anything. Are they all that heavily invested in for-profit medicine?

As America settles into the security of knowing their essential health CARE (not the insurance) is PAID FOR — in other words, they can never go broke or lose their home because the got ill — we won’t thank Mitch and his wannabe slave masters, but we will chuckle. And, as we think of them — eating prison dinner for the rest of their lives — that chuckle will probably become full on laughter.

Yeah, there’ll be a touch of meanness to it. I’ll apologize in advance. But, for the most part? That laughter will be joyous — and righteous as hell.

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  1. MR. Katz: Once again: I SWEAR on “Gin’s flaming Burger-Bible” : I did not READ, this article until today : My lengthy comment on your “STUPID PEOPLE in the ROOM” had NO idea that this SCOTUS article was written (maybe it was not even published yet – last night.). Several HONEST things: I really did go to this site for the “Dean Jeffries inspired 1977 LANDMASTER-BLASTER “Damnation Alley” BUS ! HONESTLY: I don’t keep-up with Hollywood, I DID’T know who you were until early this morning! I thought you might think my reference to Dean Jeffries Custom-Car connection was totally bizaare and “WTF” does it have to do with anything! HONESTLY: I think we have ALOT in common (we a THINKERS who CARE, regardless of which SIDE we pledge-alligence). That said: WHAT an impressive Background-Resume you DO have: HONESTLY: I’m sure now that YOU know exactly who Dean Jeffries was, and I’m sure YOU can “appreciate” MY rebuttal-points as a “worthy adversary” that challenges thought in INTERESTING ways ( lets BOTH face it: Most people just DON”T care enough to THINK, VOTE, or critically analyze IMPORTANT situations of all “colors, genders, religious, and political persuasions.” They don’t want to involve any meaningful analyzation: NOT Psychologically, Sociologically, OR Politically: YOU do! Me TOO ! YOU make ME think! I attended THE most prestigious FILM School in WORLD in the mid 80’s (If your thinking “So-What!” I totally AGREE with YOU !!!!! ). My not-just-adolescent-ambition [was? is? will be?] has NEVER burned-out! It still burns-just-as-bright as a Young 15 year old AT-THEIR-BEST: full of enthusiastic possablities, “bubbling over with a JOY-full desire to SHARE THAT Wonderful ENTHUSIASM of “thinking-outside-the-boxed-in” confines of monotonous “life-as-it-is”, NEVER courageously curious enough to explore THE OUTER LIMITS of limitless IMAGINATION ! SERIOUSLY: A L, we’ve GOT to talk: I’d like to MEET for a Hamburger-Lunch in the neighborhood: I might be “off-by-100-miles” but I get the impression that your Hollywood resume might just place US within a 30 minute drive: I live in Granada Hills, CA. CAN we meet for LUNCH at a “neutral-battle-zone” — a friendly McDonalds, Burger King, or Wendys? I like to share my Director-ScreenWriter-Photographer (on FILM ! ) and Cinematographer ( Ultra-16mm ) and Actor (“yes”, and NO! ) “resume.” I think we could become very good FRIENDS (or at least respected “Friendly-Enemies”!) , and Figuratively (Movie-Making-Wise) CHANGE the WORLD together ! I’ll even park MY 25 foot Big Blue CUTOMIZED “Movie-Bus” across the street, so we can “admire-the-view” over Cups-of-Coffee ! (Yes: In Certain-Specific Ways, almost just-like the late-great DEAN JEFFRIES, I do ALL-MY-OWN-STUNTS ! — With a variety of TOOLS in a variety of WAYS) !

    • Hey, DiJON —

      I seem to have touched a nerve in you. I’m delighted — in a good way. I’d love to engage with you in a back-and-forth conversation; I think we’d actually enjoy it (what’s the point otherwise?)

      Do me one favor — if you would — I would love to put your replies here; I want this back and forth. But it’s hard to respond to such massive word dumps. Hell, even break it up into little paragraphs just to make it more accessible. I really do want to hear and read what you have to say — you’re a very thoughtful person — but those dense paragraphs are “intimidating” in their enormity. They dissuade one from reading when your thoughtful words deserve respect.

      One last favor — if you would: if we do begin a conversation here (or anywhere in LA — and Go Dodgers!), can we please agree to address each other respectfully?

      If so — I’m down with it. Let’s talk.

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