You Are The Voice Inside Your Head

For Donald, even inside his head, it’s “outdoor voice” all the time.

What must the voice inside Donald Trump’s bloated orange head sound like? If the one driving US nuts is bad, the one driving Donald must be exponentially worse. I imagine it sounds even more like him than he does. And as undisciplined, erratic, illogical, hateful and disgusting as “Public Trump” is, “Trump Unbound” has got to be a whole other kind of hell none of us wants to be anywhere near.

Think of it: no one except you will ever get to hear what your inner voice sounds like. You can repeat what it says (as we do), but you can’t reproduce its voice outside your head. When you consider how much our inner voices are there, backing us up, putting words to our thoughts, that’s a big piece of us that we know but that no one else can ever know.

My inner voice is much nicer to me now than it used to be back when I was in the throes of a deep, dark depression. Back then, darkness poisoned my inner voice and convinced me that I deserved every rotten thing that was (at the time) happening to me. That’s the thing about our inner voices: they can and do lie to us.

Maybe Donald Trump’s problem is he’s broadcasting his inner voice more effectively than almost anyone else ever has. What shocks us almost daily is that, mental decline aside, this guy’s a stone cold racist. And a bigot. And a misogynist pig. And corrupt in myriad ways. And a traitor. And an asshole.

All those qualities, I’m dead certain, come through to Donald Trump loud and clear via his inner voice. They tell him: Donald, go be these things. Be them bigger and louder than even YOU think is appropriate. Then be them some more and be them bigger and worse.

Trump’s inner voice loves the sound of itself. It’s damned sure we all love it just as much.

And Trump trumpets that voice so we all can hear it.

Lucky us.

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