Imagine If The News Could Go Bullshit-Free For 24 Hours…

A Thought Experiment — Imagine, if you can: The News Networks (that doesn’t include Fox of course) and all the country’s news sources agree that for one 24 hour period, they will refuse to broadcast, print or disseminate anything “bullshit”.

For one whole day, the news commits to putting out news and only news. If you can’t back it up, in other words, it’s bullshit. Bring receipts or don’t come.

What would that look like, I wonder? What would the newspapers, web sites and broadcasters do if they could ONLY put out verifiable truth. We’ll throw in a bit of “preponderance of the evidence” exceptions because the current WH is so frugal about answering subpoenas. Guilty behavior counts as guilty behavior.

For 24 hours, Donald Trump’s face would not appear on our TV’s. Imagine that. We wouldn’t hear his name either — except as the subject of news stories — investigating his corruption or reporting the terrible things he’s done. No need to repeat what he said other than to tell us “Donald Trump did what he usually does: he lied”. We get it already. Boy, do we get it.

For 24 hours, we wouldn’t have “the other side” presented to us as if Republican lies had the same “weight” as actual Truth. They don’t, of course, it’s one of our news media’s manias — the “both sides do it” belief that every argument has two exactly equal sides. Climate change, for instance.

For 24 hours we wouldn’t have to put up with dimwitted analysis by dimwitted pundits who — if pressed — would have to admit that they hadn’t a clue what they were talking about. In other words, they’re making it up — they’re lying. They’re on hiatus for the day.

Given 24 hours of nothing but verifiable truth reported factually and analyzed with insight, I bet Americans could begin to connect any dots they haven’t yet connected. I bet Americans could even get used to hearing straight Truth.

For 24 hours, Trump would have to go elsewhere to spread his toxic, lying spew. He’d probably fart out a record-setting number of tweets out of sheer desperation. Trump’s come to rely on seeing his bloated orange face on TV all the time. Not seeing it there would freak him out.

One thing’s for sure — the moment those 24 hours ended and lies began to fill the spaces where only the Truth had been a little while before? Americans would find being lied to sickening. Hell, we might never stop throwing up.

Strange… I feel that way already.

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