America’s Love Affair With STUPID: Part 4 — We’re ALL Stupid & That’s A Fact

The sign of a really stupid person is they’re convinced they aren’t and have never been stupid. Boy, are they wrong. And stupid.

America is filled with people — almost all of them men — who are completely convinced that 1) they have never been wrong because, 2) that would be stupid and, 3) they are not stupid. Let’s all promise to try and NOT be like them, okay? It’s just a fact. We’re all stupid. We’re all less smart than we think because, the fact is, we’re a lot less aware than we think. More now than ever.

Quick — go to your front door (or a window that looks out onto the street). Throw it open. Count to ten. Now close the door (or turn from the window). Tell us everything you saw. E v e r y t h i n g . Don’t leave out a thing. What — too much to remember? All that information was available to you. It’s on you that you could only take in so much. Even if you could have spit back a good list of obvious things — houses, cars, trees, people — how much detail could you have gone into about each? Zilch, I bet.

Don’t blame yourself. You’re human.

And, being human, we only observe certain kinds of light. We only hear certain frequenciess of sound. Never mind the information available to us that we miss — there’s a veritable shitload of information flying at us to which we are operationally blind. Our original equipment is incapable of perceiving it.

I bring this up because that is so directly analogous to our current effing mess.

On the one hand, loads of information says Donald Trump, his crime family, his associates, his whole freakin’ political party ffs are, to a man, criminals who’ve given up on the Rule Of Law. That information has been staring at us for almost 3 years now. Yet here we sit… A big whack of corroborating information sits inside the 448 page Mueller Report, out more than a month now for all to see. Yet most Americans — including all but one Republican in Congress — still haven’t read it.

All this information — important information, too — it’s there, ready to be absorbed like aloe into dry skin. And yet… What part of that ISN’T stupid? You have the knowledge you need to solve the problem in front of you — but you resist taking in the knowledge? I almost can’t get my head around the fact that such a thought exists. That so much stupidity exists.

I live in TrumpWorld. I need to get over myself. I’m being stupid otherwise.

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