It’s No Secret What Conservatives Want — It’s In Their Name: They Want To Live In The Past

I call myself a writer (regardless of what anyone else thinks) because I write. I call myself a Californian because I live in California (and an Angeleno cos I live in LA). I call myself a Progressive because I want to see humankind progress.

If I wanted humans to live in the past, I’d call myself a “conservative” since that’s what conservatives want. It’s right there in their name: “conserve-ative”. The obvious next question — what is it exactly they want to conserve? Judging by the specifics most American conservatives want to conserve? They want to conserve an idealized white Christian male dominated world that existed only in their own minds.

Mitch McConnell — one of the greatest villains to ever turtle crawl across the American stage — made it the whole point of his political career to drag America backwards via lifetime appointments of judges so conservative they think Hitler was a commie rat bastard. If he could have his way, Mitch would finish his days sipping mint juleps from the front porch of his marijuana plantation (Mitch couldn’t care less that he’s destroyed millions of lives enforcing cannabis mythology — there’s MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to be made now that it’s legal and the hypocrisy’s running like the bulls in Pamplona!) watching his slaves sweat and work and die. But Mitch won’t like what actually happens to him. He won’t like ending his days on a diet of prison food — as he will.

Conservatives despise diversity because diversity spells their doom. The more women and people of color become politically empowered, the more pure power slips away forever from conservative (white Christian male) grasp. The irony is it we gave up and let conservatives have the world they cherish, within a generation that world become so backward and upside down that THEY’D be the ones clamoring the loudest to go back to how it was — when the world was more progressive.

Think about it… Conservatives hold dearly to following laws based on the knowledge of people who thought the universe revolved around the earth and that illness was caused by evil spirits. It’s like following a map drawn by someone who’d never been to the place he was mapping — and never planned to. Conservatives will happily go wherever that map takes them — not out of audacity but out of blind loyalty

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