The World Doesn’t Work The Way Donald Trump Thinks It Does…

Donald Trump thinks every human transaction is a deal where someone wins and the other guy loses.  He could not be more wrong.  But then, he’s an Epic Narcissist — and he can ONLY see the world from his incredibly narrow, infantile perspective and FROM his incredibly narrow, infantile perspective, he needs to ‘win’ everything.

That means Donald Trump is ‘Transactional’.  He sees no value in relationships other than as one more means to leverage someone.  When a person no longer serves a purpose to Donald, they exit his sphere — having been booted from it, NDA in hand.

But, our friend Donald is learning — as we are — that the world is not transactional, it is almost entirely ‘RELATIONAL’.  Relationships are the REAL currency human beings rely on.  That is why Vladimir Putin has focused so much of his energy on disrupting America’s RELATIONSHIP with Europe.  He sees NATO as his enemy — its Treaty of Mutual Protection as the ‘shield’ that keeps him from even daring to pull another ‘Crimea’ in Eastern Europe.

You cannot solve the Middle East by ‘cutting a deal’.  The hurts go back not just generations but millennia.  No amount of cash can assuage wounds of that nature.  Truth is, only violence can — retribution and the feeding of old grudges.  It’s one of the ugly Truths about humans; it’s why some conflicts are and will always be intractable.  They will always be time bombs whose volatile, unstable fuses could go off any second.

Here in America, certain Americans are learning that same terrible lesson — that Life’s RELATIONAL and if you empower a man who thinks YOUR PAIN can be bought — your pain will remain while HE, strangely, gets richer.

Donald — apparently — thinks he can bamboozle Robert Mueller.  God, I hope that’s true.  It means Donald Trump thinks he can ‘Transactionalize’ Robert Mueller — cut a deal with him where (Trump being Trump) Donald Trump WINS and Robert Mueller LOSES.  But then, Donald Trump (being transactional) is MISSING the fact that Robert Mueller has NEVER behaved that way and, in fact, has spent is PROFESSIONAL CAREER prosecuting people (like Donald) who did.

Robert Mueller is not impressed with power.  He is impressed with The Rule of Law.  That is the only ‘Transaction’ Robert Mueller comprehends.  Whether Donald Trump speaks directly with Robert Mueller or not, this Shit Show is heading toward its climax.

With this morning’s tweet, Donald Trump demonstrated again his utter disregard for the Truth and for how this country actually functions.  The goal is for as many people as possible to flourish and thrive as much as possible — which, in turn, makes even MORE people flourish and thrive.

Data says that’s how it actually works.  Because the world is so RELATIONAL.

Donald Trump will never ‘learn’ this lesson.  I hope like hell WE finally have…


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