How About If, Today, We Declare Independence From BULLSHIT!

It seems a natural thing to want to be INDEPENDENT from — BULLSHIT.

Yet, look around you and ‘witness’ all those who are SLAVES to BULLSHIT — especially their own.

Turns out we all carry around our own bullshit like it was a box of LPs from College that we know we should get rid of but don’t.  Fer Pete’s sake — we don’t even own a record player any more!

Our Nation is deep in the throes of a Bullshit Addiction.  It came upon us so suddenly we didn’t even realize we’d become addicted.  Hell — we didn’t even know the stuff we were eating WAS Bullshit — and that it was so addictive.  I bet that was because it was our Bullshit.

But it’s not ‘The Nation” as a whole that has this problem — it’s a segment — the one that’s White, Christian and Male.  They’re the ones who’ve become so intent on shoving THEIR Bullshit down the rest of the country’s throat. They believe that their culture — White, Christian & Male — is such a superior culture that it transcends even REALITY.  They believe that their extreme, Jesus-hating brand of Christianity — IS Christianity.  And they believe it is their purpose to impose that abomination on a country (ironically) founded on principles that specifically opposed what these Christians are doing.

America — conceptually — is a product of The French Enlightenment — of a period of explosive intellectual thought, all of it reveling in the idea that Man is, in fact, not bound by some Man Creature In The Sky.  The Founders of our country saw the promise (and peril) in giving the citizens of this new nation previously unimaginable freedoms — just for being ‘who’ they are:  Americans.

Part of the process of becoming a Great Nation is ‘mythologizing’ your origins and your original players to the point where they become abstractions that shorthand who you are as a nation.  George Washington is equal parts real human and abstraction.  The abstraction has become our Foundation Myth.

While White, Christian, Males of English Descent held the reins of power at the Nation’s founding, they did not represent the makeup of the population.  The idea that America is ‘A White, Christian Male Nation’ run by White Christian Males was never the Truth. It started as bullshit and caused us to undermine the Greatness of our own Concept:  We instilled SLAVERY in our Constitution.  One of the greatest human documents ever produced was compromised by a BULLSHIT belief that some humans are, in fact, NOT equal.

That, of course, is BULLSHIT.

Time has come to call it what it is — to call ALL OF OUR BULLSHIT out for ‘being’ BULLSHIT — and vow, as a Nation — to do everything in our power to see it for what it is.

On this Independence Day — I hope you’ll all join me (the Americans anyway) to vow to remove BULLSHIT from our diet.  To refuse to allow it at our tables.  To ‘conveniently forget’ to invite them to pool parties.

Let’s put a moratorium on Bullshit and promise each other to refuse, going forward, to get suckered in by ANYTHING that comes flying in from that homicidal, hopped up on hatred folks who call themselves ‘Right’ Wing.

Never has a word been more painfully ironic…



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