Why do we insist on making (relatively) simple problems complicated?  Cause we’re human maybe… We’ve gotten it into our heads that discerning the Truth is difficult and requires a Yoda-like wisdom.

No, it doesn’t.  It’s actually quite easy.  Easier still if you’ve managed to ID and Isolate the BULLSHIT in your life.

The first thing every liar knows — they do not have the Truth on their side.  They’ll never really be able to argue from a place of comfort — THE TRUTH.  They’ll always be ready to shift to the counter-attack because that’s the only shot they have to ‘win’ the argument.  They say something so ridiculous that the Truth-Teller (being unprepared for something SO ridiculous) falters.

That’s why, if you have the Truth on your side, you can ALWAYS wait for ‘the fight’ to come to you (in its arguing stage anyway).  If you have the Truth, the fight WILL always come to you because, at some point, it has to.

And when the liar comes at you with their ridiculousness, if you stand with the Truth, the liar will eventually realize he can’t do anything to you.  He can’t beat you.  Because the Truth is The Truth.

And the thing that makes it the Truth is that you — the Truth-Teller can BACK UP what they’re saying — either with facts & data or with a moral argument born of actual morality — Do Unto Others Morality — instead of phony, bullshit, sanctimonious, mail-it-in morality.  The liar knows he cannot back up anything.  He can only BACK UP himself — as a prelude to running away.


I highly recommend it — said repeatedly (no need to raise one’s voice — in fact, it’s even better spoken at a whisper — go ahead — try it!).  “Back it up or it’s BULLSHIT.”

Best part about the mantra?  It’s soooooooooo EMPOWERING.  Liberating in fact!

How about that — another Old Chestnut turns out to be true.  The Truth WILL set you free…

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