Greetings From ‘Twitter Jail’!

Another day of Twitter Jail for me for suggesting that maybe the world will be a better place if Newt Gingrich were to get hung.  I was never ‘quite’ that direct but within a comma.  I like to think I can learn from these things.  Here’s me learning…

Lesson:  “Try as hard as you can to be nicer to people”.

My takeaway:   Being direct about what you’d like to see happen to certain people can be ‘problematic’.  Instead, try as hard as you can to be nicer to people.

But, if you can’t be nicer, find more ‘artful’ ways to express the kind of ‘strong sentiments’ that get you thrown into Twitter Jail.

So — DON’T SAY:  “Someone, for shits n giggles, should hang Newt Gingrich just because he’s Newt Gingrich’.  Instead, say something like — “Some people (Newt) probably wear ‘sisal’ neckwear better than others. Let’s put it to the test!”

Or ‘I have a new design idea for a bolo tie I’d like to see Newt Gingrich ‘fitted for’ — I call it ‘The Hangman’…

Or — a little more pithy and whimsical perhaps… “Hey, dude, what’s hanging?  Newt is!!”

Or — ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if Newt experienced a literal example of ‘Gallows Humor’?

See?  I CAN learn to be a better internet citizen and member of the Twitter Community.  Why throw bombs when you can roll grenades designed like Easter Eggs instead…?


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