The Gerrymandered States of America

Coming soon – if the fate of PA’s gerrymandered bullshit becomes the model going forward – every gerrymandered district in the country will be tossed and actual representation of the voters in those districts will begin.,  After all – the whole POINT of gerrymandering district lines is to CIRCUMVENT the Will of those voters since what THEY want is not what the people holding POWER want.

I think of gerrymandering as being like that desperate person who insists he’s loved when the very opposite is true.  The fantasy will endure for a while — until something tragic or catastrophic bursts the bubble.  The GOP will tell us to our faces that the American People must want what they’re selling since they keep ‘winning’ elections.  Yeah… ‘winning elections’ that have been rigged by gerrymandering.

Um, republicans?  At the end of the night, you’re still gonna have to take care of business yourself, capiche?  And even your hand probably has reservations about going near you, going near that part of you, and having to be part of pleasuring you in any way — cos you’re YOU.

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