A ‘Different Kind’ of President…

Trump Walrus 5

Gawd, but people don’t half  bullshit themselves.  Someone should dedicate a web site to it…

For the duration of the campaign and now a ‘presidency’, we have heard our MSM (mostly echoing Trumpanistas) attempt to ‘explain’ Donald Trump’s daily assaults on every last norm we have as just his being ‘…a different kind of president’.

Uh huh.  Is that what ya call it?  That’s like saying Rape is ‘A different kind of sex’.  Except rape ISN’T sex — it’s physical violence.  It’s assault.  And Donald Trump isn’t ‘president’.  He may hold the job title but — as we will soon see in concrete — he did not ‘win’ any elections; both Donald Trump and his political party have been operating at the behest and direction of Russia and Vladimir Putin.

A ‘different kind’ of president.  Ask yourself — honestly — what does that even mean?  And why would you go there to describe a president?  What realities are you ignoring that you would try to ‘Magic Think’ them away?   Are you deliberately branding them with the word ‘different’ because you ‘think’ it will inoculate us from any likely harm?  It’s not ‘nuclear’ war, it’s ‘different’ war…

Gosh, thanks…

What our News Media did — over the course of its ‘relationship’ with Donald — was normalize what should never EVER have been normalized.  And one of the ways they let that happen — with stunning ease — was their acceptance of that word — ‘DIFFERENT’ — to describe a whole host of ‘qualities’, none of them good.

Authoritarian — different.  Racist — different.  Misogynist — different.  Treasonous — really, really different.

Those are the words they actually meant and SHOULD HAVE USED.

What a lot of our MSM deserve — as we ponder their future — is to seek employment elsewhere, in some other industry where, maybe, their indifference to their jobs wouldn’t be quite so impactful.  Or, in a context they might grok — they need to find ‘a different’ kind of work.

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