For The STUPID People ‘In The Room’: The BUS Analogy – “WE’RE BEING DRIVEN OFF A CLIFF!”


Half of what’s so consistently frustrating about being alive now is having to listen to people go on and on when they have not a fucking clue what they’re talking about.

Take away ‘the blind leading the blind’ (or ‘the bland leading the bland’ — same difference) and probably nine-tenths of Cable TV News would instantly turn into dead air — their talking heads panels suddenly deprived of both oxygen and the people they need to blather on so cluelessly (most of them) for hours on end.  Dead air would be significantly more informative and rewarding.

The story the American People should have grasped already is painfully simple:  CORRUPTION.  We are experiencing what happens when Extreme Corruption takes over from the Rule of Law.  But there’s this bizarre disconnect in our heads between what is happening in front of us in real time — and what that will mean going forward:  the ‘effect’ created by ’cause’ being shoved into gear.

How do we explain to ourselves how some of us maintain this stone cold refusal to see the CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER that Donald J Trump has presented almost from the instant he appeared on our Political Stage.

The hard core Trumpanistas were NEVER ‘get-at-able’ in terms of making them see any kind of light never mind THE light.  On the day he resigned from office in DISGRACE because of WATERGATE, Richard Nixon STILL had a 29% approval rating.  30% of this country is simply off-the-deepest-part-of-the-deep-end bananas.  Forget about ’em.  They couldn’t live in a civilized society if their lives depended on it.  Clearly — as the 30% still exists — it’s genetic.

We’re talking here about the ‘tweeners’.  The few Trump voters who suddenly might be getting their senses back.  And for them — the stupid people in the room — I offer THIS analogy to try and help you ‘over the hump’ of at least seeming to be ‘informed’.

Think of our Country as a GIANT BUS.

Giant Bus

The most important decision we need to make and get to make is WHO WILL DRIVE OUR BUS.  Who will — by our mutual decision — slip behind the wheel and ‘guide’ us toward the future?

Every 4 years we hold a ‘JOB INTERVIEW’ for the position of ‘Bus Driver’.  Two sides usually get to decide who gets to show up for the actual Job Interview.  We count on those two sides behaving fairly so that the best possible people are put forward to DRIVE our BUS (cause it’s that important to us).

But this is a bus we’re talking about and it’s a well-known fact that the Road to Hell is ‘paved with good intentions’.

The ‘nature’ of the Bus Driver Choosing Process tends to keep out the actual BEST POSSIBLE candidates for Bus Driver.  Still — we’ve gotten lucky recently — luckier than we know yet; but history will tell us down the line that  Barrack Obama was, in fact, warts and all, an extremely good president who knew what we were about to experience and, in fact, did the best possible thing(s) he could to allow Our System to Work through this existential threat.

Turns out ‘Popularity’ plays a big part in how and why some Americans choose a Bus Driver.  It plays a bigger part apparently then, say, KNOWING HOW TO DRIVE A BUS.

Donald Trump told us right from the start that HIS Life Experience had NOTHING TO DO with Driving Buses.  Not only did Donald Trump not KNOW how to Drive A Bus, he had NO DESIRE TO LEARN how to Drive A Bus.  Donald though (still thinks) he can just slip behind the wheel, strip out the gears and call it progress when the TOW TRUCK finally arrives, hoists us onto its flatbed and shudders off toward the shop.

No, that ain’t progress — that’s going to get fixed cos we’re broken and can’t go any more.  Not the same fucking thing.

And yet — there Trump voters are — TO THIS DAY — insisting that it’s a good thing letting a man with no experience or interest in Driving Our Bus Drive Our Bus.

I’m sorry, but that simply does not make sense — not in a BUS analogy and certainly not in the Real World.  Though our metaphorical Bus Driver will surely drive us all off a proverbial cliff, our Real World Bus Driver — Donald Trump — is equally capable of delivering tragedy as predicted.

What we have done all along — not much of a revelation here, I’m afraid — is NORMALIZE what should NEVER have been Normalized or even Normalize-able.  Our MSM made ‘acceptable’ — by means of false equivalence discussions and mediocre analysis — a whole flawed way of thinking.

But it gets worse.  Turns out the republicans CHEATED their way through THEIR selection process.  They’re under the influence of a guy with a Trabant Factory —


Trabants were Russian inspired East-German built death traps.  The Russian Trabant guy apparently is inspiring the guy the republicans pushed on us — Donald Trump — to do what the Russian Trabant guy — Vladimir Putin — wants us to do.

And what Vlad Putin wants us to do is DRIVE OUR BUSS OFF A CLIFF.

I don’t know about you but — I would prefer we didn’t let that happen.  I intend to do everything I can to STOP it from happening.  From what I know about the cliff in question — it’s a long, long, LONG way to the bottom…


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