Donald Trump, CRIMINAL, Should Have Been Our ‘Starting Point’…

Even today — so deep into the shit you’d think you’d know that every day automatically starts with shit — our Main Stream News Media struggles to tell a story about shit.

For over a year now, we have lived INSIDE an ongoing CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE.  Literally.  The Trump Family — and the Greedy Fucks they surrounded themselves with — have personally profited every day that this admin has been ‘in office’.  We witness behaviors that wouldn’t be normal ANYWHERE beyond a schoolyard filled with reprobates.  We have watched a down-deep loathing of all things Democratic unleashed upon our whole system of government.

And it never had to happen.  It absolutely didn’t.  And at some point a very large portion of blame will HAVE TO BE taken up by our MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA.

How can ANYONE in the media seriously wonder who or what Donald Trump is.  There should be NO questions whatsoever about what Donald Trump will do — about anything.  Because the answers to all these questions were known before his campaign even started.  They were ALL publicly available.

Don’t think so?  When FUSION GPS was hired to do oppo research on Trump, the first thing they did — according to Glenn Simpson’s sworn testimony — they got their hands on every last bit of PUBLICLY AVAILABLE material on Donald Trump — through Amazon, Google searches, the public library — and then they READ IT from TOP TO BOTTOM.

And what they READ IN THOSE PUBLICLY AVAILABLE SOURCES got them so seriously concerned about Donald Trump’s past that they hired the top Russia Hand among retired Intelligence people to look into what they saw.  And what they saw — BEFORE THEY EVEN STARTED their REAL work was:


It shone down on them from PUBLICLY AVAILABLE MATERIAL like a beacon.  Donald J Trump is a criminal. He has a long, long history of criminal behavior, of doing business with criminals.  Of doing all kinds of criminal things with other criminals.  Just like a common CRIMINAL…


Had our Main Stream News Media had the same dedication to actually REPORTING ON THE TRUTH, they might have spent a few dollars and bought a book or two.  They might have READ a little more and a little deeper than they apparently did.  They might have turned over every rock and probed ever corner of every shadow as part of doing their jobs.  But almost none of them did.

And here we are…

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