Are Republicans ‘Corrupt’, ‘Corrupt-er’ or the ‘Corrupt-est?’ Yes, Yes And Absolutely YES!”

There’s a famous quote of Frederich Nietzsche:  “Be careful when you stare into the Abyss – for the Abyss also will stare into you.”

This is that moment.

We are staring into ‘The Abyss’ and ‘The Abyss’ is absolutely staring right back at us. That would be ‘THE ABYSS’ AKA ‘THE REPUBLICAN PARTY’.

Calling Republicans ‘The Abyss’ ain’t exactly hyperbole.  They’ve achieved something remarkable.  Unimaginable almost:  They have nearly BROKEN the country — having deliberately undermined the Rule of Law and every system the Founders put into place to check and balance executive power.

But WHY are republicans doing this?

The quick answer is complicity.  The Republican Party is (most likely) guilty of conspiring with Russia (and the Trump Admin) to steal the election and then obstruct justice.  But how could one of our two political parties end up — here — a place of betrayal and endless National Trauma?

The answer to THAT question is CORRUPTION. The Republican Party has achieved a kind of corruption that… well, if it weren’t so fucking oppressive, it might almost be funny — because it’s THAT pervasive and THAT relentless and THAT all-consuming.  The Republican Party has taken CORRUPTION to places it’s never been heretofore.  It’s ‘invented’ kinds of CORRUPTION that really didn’t exist before.

But let’s bore in on that a little — WHY would Republicans do that?  Don’t Republicans have values that would mitigate such instincts?  Well, in theory, yes they do.  Most Republicans would tell you — and proudly — that they’re not just a Christian, but that they, personally, are the BEST kind of Christian.  The kind who will tell you what a remarkable Christian they are (while doing things and saying things that would make Jesus — if he ever in fact existed — and if he could come back and see what’s been done in his name — throw up until he barfed every organ into the puddle of puke.

Republican politics are corrupt because republican Christianity is corrupt.  Jesus has been swapped out for the Money Changers — and THEY now own and run the Temple.  In place of ‘Do Unto Others’ is now the GOP’s version:  “Do Unto Others Before They Do Unto You’.

At the end of the day, republicans — like the republican party — believe in nothing except Money and Power.  They are the only two values the republican possess.  They will do ANYTHING they have to to possess and hold onto them.  Another well-known quote comes to mind:  “Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Yes, it does.  And we have a whole political party ready to prove that point to the death if it has to…

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